Thursday, December 3, 2020

Ask Your Ustaz

Episode One

Are we All created from the shoulder of Adam

Do you know Muhammad said Adam was stroke after he was created and every person  that Allah created among  Adam offspring until the day of ressurection fell out his back. Click the link to read

Or check Jami at Tirmidhi Vol. 5, Book 44, Hadith 3076

Adam eyes was opened and he saw Dawood and then Adam asked Allah to subtract forty years out of his own age and add it to Dawood's year of expectancy which was supposed to be sixty years.

Adam denied David the forty years eventually after the angel of death came to take him because he forgot So he was called a sinner and his offspring was also called a sinner


All Adam offspring came from his shoulder not sex same time Adam was created. This contradict sura 25:54

What is the purpose of Eve our great mother from this haddith?

Billions of people stand before Adam and he recognizes them

Adam recongnized Dawood why not Muhammad. Probably Dawood is far better than Qathem

Adam borrowed Dawood forty years out of his life can I borrow life from others is this not *Ajidewe* (rejuvenation) which is a black magic known in Yoruba culture?

Adam denied angel of death and claimed back his forty years

Adam was a sinner because he forgot and his offspring also sinned

Please think about this narration for once and where is the wisdom?

Have you ever asked why you are in the dark concerning such episode from Muhammad. Do you querry why your dawah preachers decided to keep away this from you  even during tawjud and lecture?

This is one of the embarrassing narrations from your Noble prophet. This is a fairy tale and nothing more. You can kick. Tomorrow is another day.