Monday, April 13, 2020

Jubril In Islam Is Lucifer

Jibreel was the suppose angel that brought down the Islamic faith to Muhammad. The same angel that assaulted Muhammad in cave Hira. Muhammadreported that he once saw this angel in the sky, sitting on a Throne.


Sahih Muslim 0304: Jabir b. 'Abdullah al-Ansari who was one of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) reportedThe Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) told about the intermission of revelation and narrated While I was walking I HEARD A VOICE FROM THE SKY, AND RAISING MY HEAD I SAW THE ANGEL WHO HAD COME TO ME IN HIRA', SITTING ON #A_THRONE between heaven and earth I was terror-stricken on that account...


Throne in the spiritual realm signifies divine rulership. Nowhere in Scripture do angels sit on thrones, nor are are they pictured ruling or reigning.

In actual fact, there's only one angel who was ever portrayed in Scripture as sitting on a Throne. Guess who... The falling angel. Lucifer, Satan. 

Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O LUCIFER, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I WILL EXALT #MY_THRONE ABOVE the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:


So since Muhammad claimed that the angel that assaulted him and brought that the Islamic faith sits on a Throne and the Holy Scriptures tell us that Satan [a falling angel] is the only angel portrayed as sitting on a Throne, then we can conclude that the spirit that brought the Islamic faith was Satan, Lucifer.

What are you waiting for, dump Islam before its too late.

Jake Awey

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Funny dialogue between a Muslim and a Christian

This is just a paraphrase of our phone chat and if you really want to have the discussion you can contact me and I will send you the complete unedited audio freely

De Fresh: why do we have different Bible(s) and why does protestant Bible contain many contradictory verses?

Fsp: we have one Bible but there are some books called apocryphal and these book were not regarded as Canon by the church and the Catholic never regarded these books as canons though these books are having some beautiful stories we read to know some historical background to some stories in the Bible. We as Christian's know the dividing line between the 66 canonized books and the apocryphal.

De Fresh: you have not answered about the contradictions in the Bible and let me be precise 1Sam 13:1 is different in many other versions of the Bible some translation completely dashed the verse, NWT also say a God in john 1:1 while others say God why do we have this issue?

Fsp: if you understand the way and manner the Bible was written you will  appreciate the sincerity of the scholars the Bible was first written on destructible materials called papyrus and before this material crumbles they have to copy these words by hand meticulously and the rigorous method of copying account for the variant in ages or obliterated age in some versions. It is worthy of mention also that, each version you see today are written base on the manuscript found and the scholars were so sincere that they put in the footnote reason some verses are missing or having variance. Nonetheless the message of the Bible was not lost and we have to appreciate God for preserving the message of salvation in the Bible i.e the ultimate message of the Bible is that you need to accept Jesus as your lord and saviour....

De Fresh: wow, I got all your points but where in the bible can we find this your claim that we must accept Jesus as our Lord and savior before attaining salvation?

Fsp: I said and I will recap there are tons of spiritual themes in the Bible but the ultimate goal of the Bible is to present Jesus as the saviour and as the only way to the Almighty God Act 4:12 there is no name under heaven that was given to men whereby we must be saved and we confess by our mouth that he is Lord

De Fresh: oh which Bible do I now follow?

Fsp: follow all the Bible that uses the right manuscript and that are translated rightly.. reason we have the Greek concordance, Greek lexicons by which we can trace the meaning of the Bible like NWT mentioned a God we can actually find the mistranslations thereof. Let me also tell you also that Bible was not stopped from heaven nor was it written by God or Jesus but was written by over 40 men as they were inspired....

De Fresh: do you say inspiration? Please are you saying all the words in the Bible are inspired and if yes why do we have contradicting verses about Jesus cruxifiction and many other contradictions ? Can God be inspire them to write contradictions?

Fsp: God inspired the people to write the books  with a purpose of the message in mind as they get spurred up and do not forget it was written by men not God himself.the reports in the failed have variant reports yet they are not regarded as contradictory but each reporter wrote in the information he got or perspective at which he view the incident we can only say it is a contradiction if one said there is accident and another said there is no accident please remember no ancient book like Bible and the Quran have 100% accuracy in its process of translation into other languages especially non has such extant manuscript like the bible and the reason for the inspiration was not lost it is to show us salvation and we understood this as Christians

De Fresh : oh oh.... but there are two ancient books of the Hindus and Bhudist books before the bible( he mentioned their names) that remain 100% accurate till today

Fsp: by the way can you confirm you have studied this book?

De Fresh: lol....

Fsp: You don't have to laugh it off by the way let me turn the table with these questions? the Quran was believed to be revealed in pure Arabic tongue now what is the meaning of these Arabic words: Ishmael, israil, Mikael, jubril?

2. Is the Quran uncreated and eternal?

De Fresh: yes the Quran was revealed in pure Arabic but these words were coined from Hebrew .....

Fsp: what is their meaning?

De Fresh: em em Ishmael means God hear you....

Fsp: what is the Arabic word for God in Ismael

De Fresh : El

Fsp: so El is Allah how is the pure Arabic? Please what is the meaning of the other names?

De Fresh: I don't know their meaning and by this I never said they don't have meaning but I don't know it off hand I will surely send you the meaning in snapshot

Fsp: since you don't know the meaning then answer the second question

De Fresh: I don't know your problem with that question all I know is that the Quran is the book of the message of Allah...

Fsp: I want you to tell me if it is not created and eternal

De Fresh: em em I don't know if the Quran is eternal or not and I don't know if it uncreated or not

Fsp: good since you don't know if the Quran is eternal or not then this is interesting. Please you also talked about different words in the translations of the Bible please what is the right word for sibgah in sura 2:138? (I initially made mistake in the quotation)

De Fresh: (he read in Arabic) they are still synonymous

Fsp: which is the right word for sibgha?

De Fresh: do you mean color? Does this sound like a contradiction?

Fsp: the translators used different words colour, system, baptism,religion,dye, ordaining? I never claimed this is a contradiction but you have to go back the Arabic to cross check same with the Bible and there is no problem like you are seeing

De Fresh: I was just wondering why 1Sam 1:13 have different ages and some blotting it out outrightly

Fsp: I have answered you and I have shown you similar issue in the Quran but you have not been able to answer

De Fresh: I will have to check these transactions I don't have to take your words for it

Fsp: ok you said coptic Bible and protestant Bible varied but what do you have 5o say about Ibn Massud Quran having 116 chapters and quite different from the Quran you use today with 114 chapter why the confusion? Moreover why did goat ate the verse of adult breastfeeding in the Quran and it is missing till today, and why is the Rashad khalifa Quran missing out two verses in sura 9:128-129?

De Fresh: there is nothing like tame sheep eating the Quran i did not belief the Hadith, and the Quran of Rashad khalifa missing two verses is a sham nobody is using it around us today if it is available them it must have been written by David wood, Sam Shamoun, Isang and the likes to paint Islam black

Fsp: lol, so you don't know Rashad Khalifa is being use in Iran, Pakistan today here is the link to the Quran See this link  and in its preface a Nigerian guy name was mentioned so it is not written by a Christian but by Muslims for the muslims this not a problem? The Quran you read today is according to Hafs and Hafs was called a thief and a liar all his Hadith were rejected because of this accusation why do you use his Quran? You need to deal with issues before attacking the bible, the Quran revealed by Allah never had diacritical marks, and are without vowels and are not in chapters who did all these to Allah book

De Fresh: Uthman insert the marks when he felt that lots of the Arabs were reciting the Quran wrongly so he had to insert the marks

Fsp: was he inspired by God to that?

De Fresh : he did for easy recitation, but I can say he is being inspired by God

Fsp: so another person is being inspired after Muhammad to help Allah complete his book

De Fresh: I am done with are
.you are...

Fsp; before you are done, can I ask you a question?

De Fresh: please do

Fsp: sura 96 is the first revelation what was it doing in number 96? Why not number 1 and again what was given to Muhammad when he was asked to read does the angel knew he cannot read before pressing him forcefully to read?

De Fresh : you have been talking about the Hadith please let me explain things about the Hadith, anything you are using in the Hadith to criticise Muhammad is not from.the prophet starting from a six year old girl, goat eating Quran and angel pressing Muhammad to read, and that Muhammad wanted to fall off the cliff aftwrwards all are fabricated to paint him black

Fsp: oh okay can you mate what happen to him in the cave of Hira without the Hadith please?!

De Fresh:  getting the story is not the problem but getting the message

Fsp: do you now belief it is about the letters but the message...

De Fresh : forget about that let me explain can I ?

Fsp: I am waiting for you to answer

De Fresh: the Quran said any Hadith that is painting Muhammad black is not from him

Fsp: this is nowhere found in the Quran

De Fresh: allow me to answer you do you know there is an Hadith that said the angel said he should read but Muhammad said I don't know how to read and the angel wrote on the rock and taught him how to read from the rock? You have not found such hadith right?!

Fsp: which Hadith is that and you belief in that hadith right?!

De Fresh: yeah I belief in 5hst particular Hadith narration

Fsp: so Muhammad can read right?

De Fresh: the angel taught him how to read what do you want to bring out again

Fsp: are you saying Muhammad can read right?! But Muslims often claim Muhammad is an illeterate who cannot read nor write this particular Hadith contradict such belief can't you read between the lines?! It is contradictory

De Fresh: ah ah!!! My brother wait now....

Fsp: can Muhammad read?!

De Fresh: let it up today so we continue another day bye bye

Fsp: laughs.. have a lovely day bye

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Jesus Or Muhammad Who Do We Follow?

In Islam Muhammad was painted as the best example of all ages sura 3:110 and many a Muslim and are looking forward to making him their mentor and religious leaders that can be followed to God and on the contrary Christians belief Jesus is the best example for all to follow as seen in Matthew 16:24 and 1 Peter 2:21,22. Who do we belief? Who do we follow? Do we follow Muhammad as suggested in the Quran or Jesus as advised in the Bible? To have a balanced and unbiased answer then we meed to compare the duo and see who among them comes out clean. In this article I will dissecting the lives of Jesus and that of Muhammad so at the end my reader can choose whom to follow. I will leave my reader to adjudge for themselves whom to follow after reading this article

Jesus was born pure as seen in sura 19:19 Satan cannot touch him and his mother as seen in the Hadith.... He was a righteous man and on the contrary Muhammad was a sinner according to sura 48:2, sura 47:19 and was called accused of rejecting of what Alla made lawful for him sura 66:1
Jesus is alive since 2000 years ago the Quran testified to it that he was taken up alive and he is beside Allah sura 4:158 and there are tons of Bible passages where he is said to be alive forever Rev 1:18 more meanwhile Muhammad is dead buried in Mecca.

The tomb of Jesus is empty John 20:1-18 while the tomb of Muhammad is in Mecca but not empty it is filled with decayed bones of the Islamic prophet. Sahih al-Bukhari 4428

Jesus performed tons of miracles and the Quran testifies to this in sura 2:87, Sura 3:49 to establish his ministry as the son of God John 4:46-50 Muhammad performed no miracle infact Allah said no sign was given to him sura 10:20, sura 13:7

Jesus forgave his tormentors and even at death he forgave his abuser and prayed unto the father to forgive his enemies Luke 23:34 while Muhammad killed his antagonists and all his enemies were annihilated he also rain curses on the Jews and the Nasaras ( sect of christian at that time) Sahih al-Bukhari 437, Sunan an-Nasa'i 4059

Jesus did not sleep with a minor though he was never married ( for that is not the purpose for which he came to earth) but Muhammad married Aisha when she was six and consummated the marriage at nine Sunan an-Nasa'i 3377