Saturday, March 14, 2020

Jesus or Muhammad?

Jesus birth was foretold in the previous book and can be verified

Muhammad's was alleged to be mentioned in the previous books but the claim cant be verified till today
Jesus birth was announced by the angel and his purpose was foreknown

Muhammad birth was not announced he wandered in oblivion perhaps idolatry for 40 good years before Islam dawn on him

Jesus name is God salvation God with us

Muhammad original name is Qathem before he renamed himself the praised one

Jesus is sinless, pure and righteous  and no sin was found in him

Muhammad was a terrible sinner and he himself confessed he was a sinner 

Jesus performed outstanding miracles, justifying his mission as the sent one of God

Muhammad performed no miracles infact Allah said he refrain to send any signs and Muhammad said he is just a mere warner

Jesus the prince of peace lived in peace as his name implies and commanded his disciples to do same

Muhammad being the praised one lived a careless life and engaged in 29 expeditions and he taught his companions to do likewise

Jesus did only what God can do though he did not count equality with the father as a thing to be grasped he humbled himself even to the cross

Muhammad shared name with his god though he lived below expectation of the Arabian people

Jesus was crucified and on the third day he resurrected, he is alice forever more he is at the right hand of power soliciting for mankind

Muhammad died of meat poison and was not buried for days his people expected him to rise like Jesus but he was stinking and gasing out offensive odour. He remain dead forever

Jesus created as God the father does without pride he acknowledged the father

Muhammad claimed no one can create like his god though he later said his god is the best of creators contradicting himself

Jesus came to fulfill the law

Muhammad disobeyed his own laws and disregarded the sharia laws he propounded himself

Jesus said men should come and follow him and he will give them eternal life

Muhammad himself was not sure of his final destination he was overwhelmed with fear of the punishment of the grave

Jesus said I AM THE WAY as christians follow him today

Muhammad keep asking for the way till his demise and muslims prays 17 times asking for the way till today

The disciples of jesus lived exemplary life as commanded by jesus the saviour and their master many were martyred for the gospel of Jesus 

The companions of Muhammad fought wars and killed people of different faith and those who disagreed with them as commanded by Muhammad 

Jesus is coming back into the world as a just judge of mankind

Muhammad is in the grave he will be judged by Jesus

NOTE: Choose this day whom you will follow: jesus the prince of peace or Muhammad the man of war. Jesus is alive muhammad is dead.

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