Friday, October 11, 2019

Nurudeen a Bible scholar withou basic understanding of the Greek

dialogue between Abdul and ibn
NOTE: This is a paraphrase in dialogue form between two Christian apologist and a Muslim preacher. The unedited audio is available for download  freely
Ibn: hello am I on with bible scholar
Abdul : Yes
Ibn: I learnt you have problem with the word church and synagogue
Abdul : Jesus worshipped in synagogue  and not in a church because he was not a Christian
Ibn:  oh yeah! do you know the Greek word for the Church?
Abdul : I don't know it

Ibn: don't tell me you are a Bible scholar who does. It know the Greek word for church
Abdul: I am and are you envious about my scholarship?  I don't have to know all thing because I keep learning day in day out by the way must I know Greek before becoming a Bible scholar
Ibn: here is the thing you can't be abschilar without knowing some terminologies  as they are originally called in Greek.
Abdul: it pained you I am one please what is the Greek  word for church?
Ibn: Ekklessia is the Greek word and as I am I am not a Bible Scholar but I am a Greek student and as at now I am begging to learn the letters and I can identify some Greek words like theos thon ekklessia etc
Abdul: I don't have to be a biblenscholar in the Christian standard.  My preaching is to support islam
Ibn: then stop calling yourself a Christian if you don't know some basic things about the language of the Bible
Abdul:  how do I confirm the word is ekklessia
Ibn: you can go online to check the Greek lexcon
Abdul: there you go online while you don't have it we are in Nigeria do you have Greek bible here
Ibn:  as a matter of fact I have two Greek bible
Abdul: English bible is popular and generally in use that is what we are using for you not Greek it is not necessary  I know Greek because it is not my language
Ibn: don't ever reffer to yourself as bible scholar can you imagine a Bible scholar who is not aware that there is Greek  bible in Nigeria 
Abdul: are you saying the translators did rubbish by translating it to Church. You are using English so I use English for you
Ibn: nobody claimed they translated rubbish but the thing is translated from Greek into English
Abdul: oh my gawd!! Wait wait let me know your faith
Ibn: Christian
Abdul: if someone want to be a Bible scholar must he learn Greek
Ibn: you have to learn some certain word as a scholar and these are exact basic knowledge you lack.  Wha type of bible scholar are you....
Hello...  Hello....hello
Watch our for part two of this interesting dialogue LISTEN TO THE AUDIO

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