Friday, October 11, 2019

A Bible scholar who never knew Greek part two

Ibn : good morning  am I on with Nurudeen
Abdul: yes
Ibn: I learnt you are no longer in the camp of ACADIPU but now with Uncle jamie
Abdul: who told you I was a member of ACADIPU?
Ibn: sorry about that I listened to your audio conversation with Kore and it was funny.  Are you saying Kore was wrong for saying you are not a Bible scholar?
Abdul: I think he was wrong
Ibn: are you sure you are bible scholar?
Abdul: yes
Ibn : how did you get your scholarship
Abdul: I got it from Islamic organization and base on my knowledge
Ibn: which organization?
Ibn: you mean you had your scholarahip from these organizations and you have your certificate ?
Abdul: NO NO NO I earn it base on my knowledge and what I learnt from them
Ibn: okay can one be Islamic scholar without going to Islamic school to obtain a certificate ?
Abdul: let me tell you one thing I don't have to be a scholar as per your own worldview
Ibn: that is not my point I know you claimed to be a Bible scholar from the Islamic point of view as you learnt under the tutelege of your ustaz and Islamic teachers
Abdul: yes
Ibn: here is my question can one become an islamic scholar by learning under evangeliat ISA without going to moderassa?
abdul: yes you can yourself so
Ibn: are you saying I can become Islamic scholar by following Kore and ISA?
Abdul : yes if I check your knowledge and it is deeper and in line with Islamic teachings
Ibn: are you saying I can be an Islamic scholar without knowing Arabic?
Abdul: yes if you have the right knowledge and explanation worth it and I see it first. Why not
Ibn: okay are you an Islamic scholar?
Abdul: no I am not an Islamic scholar but a Bible scholar
Ibn: on what field of bible do you specialise or which school of theology have you been tutored and what are your courses
Abdul: oh oh oh you mean my school I said risala and acadipu and my courses are Dawah methodology and the way we interact with Christians and many many others
Ibn: you mean this qualify you as a Bible scholar?
Abdul: My brother I don't even understand  your point
Ibn: my point is that you are not qualified to be called a Bible scholar the best you can call yourself is a comparator
Abdul : now I know your problem it is paining you and Kore that I am a scholar
Ibn: it is not painful to my ass but we are out to correct your errors.  It is like lying if you keep calling yourself a Bible scholar
Abdul: it is not how far but how well let us examine the Bible here now and you defend it
Ibn: I never claimed to be a scholar you did.  I never claimed to know all your questions by the way can you ask your question on the Bible now  and we see how you respond to quranic issue And you claimed to be a Bible scholar without knowing Greek and worst at that not knowing the meaning of the Greek word for church
Abdul :  I don't have to know Greek. But the church is a body of Christian according to the Christian though there is no evidence for it. Jesus never understood Greek. Let me ask you was Jesus a Greek?
Ibn: No he was a Jew
Abdul: now Jesus was not a Greek and the New Testament was written in Greek of what correlation is this?
Ibn: Greek was the lingua franca at the time so it was written in Greek though after the ascension of Jesus
Abdul: so you know the story cannot be can not be completed  because Jesus was not Alive to verify the stories
Ibn: you mean Buble will contain error because it was written after Jesus
Abdul : Yes it was not a revelation and was written by men
Ibn: you have problem with the New Testament because it was written in Greek d
Abdul: yes
Ibn: who wrote the Quran
Abdul: the scribes
Ibn: you accused the Bible of being written in Greek
Abdul: Yes
Ibn: was Mary An Arab woman
Abdul: no she was a jewess
Ibn: OK why was Mary speaking Arabic in the Quran while she never heard Arabic in her lifetime and you don't see any problem in this
Abdul : it was Allah who was reporting the story of Mary there is no problem here. But the Bible has problem on this because their writing cannot be veriifed
Ibn:  same thing apply the disciples wrote about Jesus and it can be verified historically. Now was Quran a revelation and who revealed it
Abdul: the Quran unlike the New Testament was a revelation from Allah and written by the scribes
Ibn: bible was written by men as they were inspired by the spirit of God. I beg to disagree that the Quran is never a revelation from God
Abdul: the Quran is revealed by Allah
Ibn: okay what is the revelation in Sura 80:1?
Abdul: I don't have a Quran I am at work can you read it
Ibn: let me open my Quran app...  He frowned his face and tuned  sura 80:1
Abdul: what is your problem  with the station?
Ibn: I don't have a problem only that it is not a revelation to Muhammad  because it was Muhammad who frowned and turned how can such be a revelation to him again?
Abdul : you need to read downward there is a lesson to be derived
Ibn: I know there might be lesson for people but how is Muhammad  action becoming revelation to him again?
Abdul: let me go and read it in context I will get back
Ibn: okay how about Miraj travel to the masjid in Israel? Who traveled
Abdul: Moses also traveled
Ibn: no I was taking about sura  17:1 how is this a revelation to Muhammad?
Abdul: revelation can also be about what is happening at present  and there must have been lesson to Learn
Ibn: I never claimed there is no  lesson to be learnt but I am asking how is this a revelation to Muhammad?  I am eating pounded yam and I heard Allah saying fola is eating pounded yam! How does that sound in your ears and you don't have issues with such claim
Abdul: allow me to study the sura please I will get back
Ibn: are you saying you have not heard the story before?
Abdul: I have heard the Miraj but I might have forgotten  let me go and read at my leisure period I will get back
Ibn: all I am saying is that this is not a revelation and if you want to be consistent as a scholar you must confess the Quran is not in itself a revelation.  Revelation is about revealing what has happened in the past and probably in the coming future to someone by the Lord. How can we call sura 80:1 sura 17:1 a revelation? If you have problem with jesusbdiwciples writing  as men as they were inspired them you need to reconsider your decision about the Quran being a revelation
Abdul: I will get back to you
Ibn: bible scholar that is what you are. I shall be glad if you get back to me. Thanks
NOTE: the dialogue is a paraphrase of phone conversation between fsp and nurudeen bible scholar.  You can listen to the audio HERE NOW and HERE

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