Friday, September 27, 2019

Jesus is God in Islam and why is it so difficult for Muslims to accept the truth?

    In Islam, the word of Allah is eternal and not created. Also in the Quran,Sura 4:171 and confirmed in the hadith Sahih Al-Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Number 3 that he his spirit from Allah. Jesus is three in one according to the Quran; eternal word of God, a spirit from him and a messenger of the gospel, this has made Jesus God of Muhammad.
Jesus was depicted as the word of Allah, a spirit from Him and His messenger as seen in
Only Allah can create life, no man can create life
according to the Quran Fatir 35:3, Al-An`am 6:102, Al-Hashr 59:24, Al-Baqarah 2:117, Quran said the one who create is far above who cannot create Sura 16:17 and other false deity cannot create a fly but Jesus in the Quran created bird with clay and breathe into it and made it a living bird Sura 3:49, Sura 5:110 like Allah did in Sura 23:12, Sura 7:32, Sura 30:20. Other deity cannot create a fly Sura 22:73 but Jesus in Islam was able to create like Allah with the permission of Allah, the question is why will Allah share his creative power with a mere mortal? this made Jesus mor than human He is God.
In Sura 25:54, All men came from Adam and we are all product of marriages and union between men and women but Jesus was exempted from this, he is the only one without a earthly father and it was Allah breathing into the farjaun ( private ) of Maryam to have Jesus in her miraculously, the question is why Jesus and no one else?
   In the Quran Jesus was saved alive and taken to heaven beside Allah since 2019 years ago. Sura 5:158 and till now he is alive. Only God can be alive forever. He is God if we want to consider this sura as true and not a myth.
   In the Quran it is only Allah (God) that can send messenger but in sura 36:14 (ibn kathir and other tafsirs) the Messiah sent three messengers to Antokiyah (Turkey). How can a mere man have messengers (called hawariyun) sent if he is not God?
   In sura 9:30 the Quran said they have taken their Rabbis and Monks as Rabbi instead of Allah and the Messiah. This verse alone qualifies Jesus as the God of Muhammad.
NOTE: there are tons of verses that deny the deity of Jesus in the Qur'an and even at that we can still see the deity of Jesus in the Qur'an if we read between the lines. This is a problem and it is called between the devil and the deep blue sea.
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