Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Islam previewed

It's been 1400 years since Allah parting the Moon sura 54:1 into two failed woefully to mark the end of days. Allah the Lord of Kabbah has failed woefully that he has remain mute ever since the demise of Muhammad, The Holy spirit performed wonderfully well more than the muted Lah sura 1:2 of Muhammad that He still speak till today

It's been 1400 that Muhammad promised his followers 80,000 slave boy and a transparent houris who will forever remain virgin though the man will
keep banging with their eternal erect manhood, The paradise is a hoax after all. sura 78:33, sura 56:22, sura 37:48, sura 52:22, sura 56:35-37, Ibn Majah 5:4337, Sura 34:24, sura 76:19

 It's been 1400 years to find out from Muhammad via the Jubreel whether the Mujahiduns are enough to take over the world, or the blood sucking jihadist will still need to shed more blood to appease the blood thirsty Lord of Kabbah for its Eldorado paradise to come to fruition. sura 9:111

For 1400 year Allah has not shown the way to Muslims despite praying to him for the way 17 times a day, Allah is yet to forgive the innocent Jews and Christians calling them worst of creatures and Al Najeez (stinking) thing. Its been 1400 years since the Arab called Muhammad a forger, possessed,mad man, a magician, a thief and a liar sura 3:161 sura 6:33, sura 16:24, sura 16:101. sura 10:2, sura 34:43, sura 38:4, sura 52:29

It has been 1400 years since Allah promised the name of Ahmad is mentioned in the Torah and the gospel and till now Muslim keep searching for the name despite labeling the Torah as corrupted thereby calling Allah a stupid liar!! shameful sura 7:157, sura 61:6

Why is Allah so dull and muted? why is Shango (god of iron) active than Allah why is Allah not lifting a finger and his Mujahiduns (fighters on the cause of Allah) are struggling to defend him, definately Allah is helpless and worst than Idol. sura 9:29

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