Saturday, September 28, 2019

Is Islam actually the fastest growing religion?

The ayat of alquran Al-Taubah, 33; Al-Fath, 29; Al-Saff,10 caused this dialogue ensued between Abdulllahi and Ibn illahi. Abd (slave) is the Muslims while Ibn (son) is a Christian.

Abd: do you know Islam is the fastest growing religion 

Ibn: Really?

Abd;: YES!!!

Ibn: is this a prophecy fulfilled?

Abd: yes of course kindly read the glorious quran Al-Taubah, 33; Al-Fath, 29; Al-Saff, 10.and in some authentic hadeeth of the noble prophet. Alihamdulilahi

Ibn: that means you have been growing since 1400 years and still growing

Abd: reason it was called fasted growing religion yes we are growing masha Allah

Ibn: good to grow but in  economics there is a law called diminishing return whereby your graph begin to fall after reaching it's peak

Abd: that is economics not our divine religion that defies all natural or economic laws. I am glad I am a MUSLIM

Ibn: will you answer me some questions as per this and hope you won't get offended?

Abd: I will not get offended wallahi ask me I am in high spirit today. Glad to get the news that Islam is the second biggest religion in Israel.

Ibn: are there sects in Islam?

Abd: all religions have their sects please why did you ask?

Ibn: I know sect exist in many religion today except the christian faith
Abd: lol Jehovah witnesses and others are sect in christian fold please don't go there

Ibn: christian is not denomination or sect but anyone who follow Jesus as your Quran claimed in sura 3:55

Abd: please don't go their Islam is ONE as well

Ibn: is it not your prophet that prophesied that Muslims will divide into 73 sects?

Abd: yes he did said so in fact it was a prophecy.

Ibn: good can you list the 73 sects?

Abd: I can't name them all bit I know it is a prophecy

Ibn: is ahmadiyah sect Muslim?

Abd: ahusubulahi they are heretic and they cannot be considered as Muslims

Ibn: are the shiiite Muslims?

Abd: ahusubilahi they follow Alli they are not true Muslims 

Ibn: other Islamic sec salafi tijaniya  and others are not Islam if I go by your standard

Abd: all those who deviated from the seen of Muhammad is not Muslims and they are doomed for hell

Ibn: thank you can you please subtract those sexr from the real Muslims and tell me the remaining number

Abd: you must be out of your senses so you wanted to say Islam is the fastest confused religion in the world?!

Ibn: exactly judging from the prophecy of Muhammad and the events happening around us 

Abd: Allahu allam all I know is that Islam will dominate the world

Ibn: how? You mean the remnant after we remove all the sects you called heretic?

Abd: you must be our of your mind so you wanted to pull my legs and trapped me in a corner. You must be an offspring of shayateen wallahi

Ibn: you mean I am one of the eggs shaitan laid by shaking its legs containing male sex organs and female sex organ on each legs apart as seen in all quturbi tafsir?

Abd: you are here to abuse my religion you also najez filthy kafirun. I seek refuge from shaitan

Ibn: do you know Muslims will seek refuge from Allah on the day of judgement when Allah will come out in a shape other than they know?

Abd: away with your fallacies stupid kafirun human worshiper

Ibn: I am not human worshiper I worship a living God who is forever  alive as found in your book sura 4:157 and still coming back to as a just judge of mankind. Only God is just. By the way side. I am only telling you Islam is not growing but dividing and falling apart gradually.

Abd: I am out before you provoke terrible anger in me. I can struck your neck if you insist we continue.  Away with your stupidity

Ibn: sorry let me be on my way. See you some other time but don't join them again to say Islam is the fastest growing religion but rather say Islam is increasing by marriage and by the sword. Shalom

NOTE: this is an allegory it is not to demine anybody religion but to state reality and fact in a symbolical way within our reach. Your comments at welcome


  1. All truth being said in this post. God bless you. We expect more initiatives.

    Thank you.

  2. Islam will run the world to also dominate hell fire 🔥