Tuesday, September 3, 2019

I wish To Become A Muslim

Five months back a Muslim told me Jesus and other prophets were Muslims who submitted to Allah the Lord of the alamin. I was told the noble Quran is a direct speech of Allah which was securely written on a tablet beside the throne of Allah eternally which was sent to Muhammad unlike my bible written by men and most of the authors were anonymous

I was ecstatic and I asked him to take me to his imam for my shahada and I asked them to give me a translation of the noble quran which they obliged happily.

I narrowed my mind to worship Allah since they claimed Jesus and other prophets worshiped him
The following morning I had to open the Quran starting from the back page being the nature of some of these Semitic languages.

I opened suratul fathia ayat 1 and the word that welcome my face was in the name of Allah  I was held spell bound since the imam had told me it is a direct speech from Allah
I was unsettled with the weird opening from Allah saying in the name of Allah.... I asked within me why was Allah saying in the name of Allah?
I was confused but did summon courage since I had wanted to serve the same god the prophets worshiped

As I continued to read I saw alihamdi li-lah which means thanks be to LAH and I was told the name of Allah cannot be shrunk or edited yet Allah was editing his own name to li-lah this is ridiculous as I wonder why the name of Allah shrunk to LAH. Though I later saw something like trinity in the Quran Allah , Ar rhaman  and Ar rhaihm this appealed to me as a Trinity.

I also scanned to several ayat I saw sura 2:62 saying the Sabeans Jews and the Christians will have no problem so far they belief in Allah and the last day so I was settled other people's faith are incorporated in Islam and there is no compulsion. I asked Imam is Allah a physical or spiritual being because in the book of John 4:24 it says God is a spirit, the imam said ahusubilahi, Allah is neither a spirit nor a physical being. I then asked shall we see Allah on the judgement day? The Imam said mashallah since you don't have problem seeing the sun our prophet said in one of the authentic narration that we shall see our Lord as he comes to us in a shape unknown to Muslims but Muslims will say we seek refuge from Allah then Allah will come in another shape and he shall expose his shin/leg

I grinned and the imam asked why the grin? I said Allah is not a physical being yet why will he have a shape and a shin. I was uncomfortable and the imam noticed he then said Allahu Allam he possesses those attribute as befitting his glory. I asked the imam did you say Jesus is not more than a mere mortal?  Yes he is not more than a messenger of Allah Hi word and a spirit from Allah it is the Christian who has gone into excess by calling him God

I asked again the Ustaz to explain and tell me who created the world and was in the world according to John 1:10? The imam whined and deviated into another thing asking me to show him who wrote the book of John? I ask asked did Jesus ever said he has come to die for our sins?  Imam said Ahusibilahi nobody died for our sins,  I then ask him to read Matthew 26:28 Matthew 1:21, Mark 14:22-26 and explain these verses the imam opened the Bible with enthusiasm but after reading it's content his countenances changed and said bible is corrupted edited and so it is not reliable.

I was then curious to ask more I asked is Allah a father? The imam answered reluctantly Allah is father to no one and why on earth will you ask such? I said from my faith which you claim worshiped same Deity we believe our God is a father to all of us but the same Allah you claimed Jesus worshiped is not a father. This sound awkward I am sorry. The imam was angry with my submission but he covered it up with a dry smile and said this is not a problem because the Jews in their excesses labelled Allah a biological father therefore Allah warned us not to call him a father. There is nothing wrong if we call Allah a father but because of misconceptions we should desist from using such word for Allah.

I sighed a relief and I asked the imam to show me five so lat in the the noble Quran so i can begin to do so.... The imam struggled as he twitch and twist to explain why the five so-lat is missing out from the noble Quran. I was shocked, it seems I am entering into a scam  unknowingly. I then got worried as I asked more question about Allah I have heard my friend asked from the Muslims
Did Allah have a throne to be carried by 8 animal like angels as described in the tafsir? The imam said yes as it befits his glory
Did Allah have two right hands and five fingers? He said yes of course, Yet he is not a physical being? I retorted, YES!! the imam shouted

The former prophets used the torah zaburah and the injeel the imam said yes but they are all corrupted now. I asked is there any verse from the quran that said the injeel and the zaburah and torah were all corrupted? He gave me sura 2:79 but after a careful study I knew the few illiterates among the Jews twisted the meaning of the torah and this does not prove the torah was corrupted
I also asked the imam to explain sura 10:94 sura 5:47 why was Allah or whoever wrote the Quran asking Muhammad to ask the people what's have been reading the books before him.?  The imam got angry and said these books have been corrupted you don't need them again please we have the furquan and the final testament which is the noble Quran in your hands.
Now I am sure Islam is indeed a scam and the slang of fsp my friend rang in my brain Islam is a scam but I played along and I asked further:

The torah, inkwell and the saburah were right? The imam said yes I already told you please will you say the shahada now?!! Please before I say shahada  is it true that Muhammad's name was found in the torah? Did sura 7:157 and sura 61:6 actually said Ahmad was found written in the torah and the gospel which is with the people of the book? Imam said good,  the name Ahmad is found in the bible, yes of course, Where? I asked cynically, The imam said in Deut 18:18 Isaiah 42 John 1:19-20 Song of Solomom 5:16 and lots more of such passages mashallah. But you just said the books were corrupted  why linking them with the bible? Imam stood up angrily and said you are here purposely to waste our time please get out you dirty kafirun al najez.

I stood up and went back to my Savior at the feet of the cross to renew my vow to worship Him. Indeed I was almost a Muslim but Islam from all indication is a scam and other biblical prophets were never Muslims because Allah and YAHWEH are not the same Deity and five so lat was not practiced by these prophets nor do they say shahada and never called Allah. Glory to Yahweh I am a Christian I will forever be and nothing shall be able to severe me from the love of Christ. Share as you have received. Shalom.

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