Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Seal of The Prophet and The last prophet Explained

Muslims want us to belief Muhammad was the seal of the prophets and they often quote sura 33:40 to substantiate this claim. Looking at the tafsirs the scholars also agreed he was the seal of all the prophets and the last prophets in which no other messenger or prophet will come after him

a careful study of this claim show there is a deception and a scam in this claim. There are Hadeeth that confirm the seal is nothing but a mole a growth at the back of Muhammad this signifies the authority of Muhammad over all the prophets, He must be obeyed because he is the seal or authority for all the prophets, He is the authority that confirm all the prophets, little wonder his name was added to the shahada of Allah this look
like a shirk.

here are the problem, if Muhammad is the last prophet why will Jesus come back to kill the pig, destory the cross, abolish the jizzya and rule with  justice and righteousness?

why will a beast come from the ground to recite Quran for the people? Sura 27:82

the Ahmadiyah sect claimed Madhi is coming as the last messiah and they did not belief he is the last prophet

lastly there is an hadeeth where Muhammad claimed prophethood was established for him even before the first man was created, How can he be the first prophet and still be the last prophet? Sheik Amza confirmed this in his video This make all the prophets after him as false and fake prophets. You cannot have your cake and eat it.


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