Thursday, August 29, 2019

Outside inside facts about Islam

OUTSIDE: Islam is the most peaceful religion

INSIDE:Islam is the the only religion on earth that it's own members are fighting and killing each other (SUNNI VS SHIA).

OUTSIDE: Our God is the most merciful 

INSIDE: It's only god Allah that will punish people severely in hell just because they playing musical instruments, took pictures, kept dogs in their houses etc. In fact Allah will even punish Muslims in hell to purify them before taking them to paradise
OUTSIDE: Islam give women their full rights
INSIDE: Islam is the only religion that forces it's women to wear full clothes to cover their entirely body, even in the eyes in the name of dressing modest while the law ease for men. A woman must bring four witnesses to back her claims while a man can bring one. 72 women are given as rewards to a man for just worshiping Allah. Most dwellers of hell are women and women are deficient in their thinking faculty not as brilliant as men.

OUTSIDE: There's no compulsion in religion. Islam allows all non Muslims to worship their God freely. 

INSIDE: Islam is the only religion that has a special tax for people to pay, just because they're non Muslims. It's called Jiyza. Islamic Sharia totally prevents non Muslims to worship freely in its territories, and we can see that in Sharia dominated countries.

OUTSIDE :We totally hate idolatry. We never bow down to any image or idol, we only prostrate before Allah.

INSIDE:Islam is the only religion who's members will spend millions of dollars yearly to travel to mecca just go around 7 times and to bow down to a stone. Other than that, they kiss the stone, or stretches their hands towards it. 

OUTSIDE :Our God is the most powerful God in the universe.
He knows everything.

INSIDE:Islam is the only religion who's God sent books, but he didn't have enough power to protect them from mere humans. In fact the original books got corrupted or lost without Allah knowing when, how or who actually did it.Thanks to God.

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