Thursday, August 29, 2019

Outside inside facts about Islam

OUTSIDE: Islam is the most peaceful religion

INSIDE:Islam is the the only religion on earth that it's own members are fighting and killing each other (SUNNI VS SHIA).

OUTSIDE: Our God is the most merciful 

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Seal of The Prophet and The last prophet Explained

Muslims want us to belief Muhammad was the seal of the prophets and they often quote sura 33:40 to substantiate this claim. Looking at the tafsirs the scholars also agreed he was the seal of all the prophets and the last prophets in which no other messenger or prophet will come after him

a careful study of this claim show there is a deception and a scam in this claim. There are Hadeeth that confirm the seal is nothing but a mole a growth at the back of Muhammad this signifies the authority of Muhammad over all the prophets, He must be obeyed because he is the seal or authority for all the prophets, He is the authority that confirm all the prophets, little wonder his name was added to the shahada of Allah this look

Monday, August 26, 2019

Reno Omokri finished islam by calling Jesus the son of God part 3

Abdul: I am back where are you?
Johnson: yeah welcome by the why did yo first entered the gents with your left leg and refused to talk while someone knocked at the door seeking for your permission?
Abdul: please we are focused in our discussion and now you have initiated ad hominem please i am not in for this. Allah know best wallahi
Johnson: since you are not comfortable with some of these deeds i consider as absurdities anyway i will allow you have your way by the way i am sorry for deviating
Abdul: never mind shall we progress i like your spirit i promise to dedicate some time for you so we can discuss this together. Hope you are also prepared to defend such absurdities in the bible as well?

Reno Omokri Exposed Islam as false Religion Part 2

Abdul: salam brother I am back
Johnson: oh but Quran said you should not make us friend and your prophet said you should not be the first to greet us,  anyway welcome
Abdul: please don't deviate let us go to the main issue
Johnson: okay Reno said "The Scriptures are the original scripts written in Hebrew,  Aramaic, and Greek.  I wish Christians be like Muslims in that we read The Scripture in the ORIGINAL LANGUAGE"
Do you agree with him?
Abdul: yes he is right
Johnson: do you speak Arabic
Abdul: No
Johnson: that means you are not doing it right because you can't read Quran and interpret it in Arabic

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Reno Omokri confirms the Quran is false

This dialogue ensued between a Muslim and a Christian after Pastor Reno Omokri dropped the bombshell he discovered about Jesus The Messiah. The name Abdul and Johnson are adopted to make it look allegorical but it indeed interaction between an Muslim and a Christian in a whatsapp group. Reno Omokri words can be seen here
Abdul: Johnson have you read the news lately?
Johnson: I am always online why did you ask?
Abdul : one of your renowned pastors media aid to the former president of Nigeria....hmmmmm.... Hmm..

Monday, August 12, 2019

Muslim use logic and mathematics to explain God

Do Muslims know God? This is a conversation between Johnson and Abdul on the personality of God.
Abdul: do you know God is one and that you Christian forged lie about him
Johnson: really,  what lie is that?
Abdul: 1+1+1=1 is a blatant mathematical blunder a two year old kid will never commit
Johnson : but no Christian ever use the formular to explain our God. He is beyond mathematics and if at all you want to use mathematics the better formaular to use is 1*1*1=1

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Who was the momentous sacrifice?

In Sura 37:07 Allah told Abraham that he will "ransom his son with a momentous sacrifice"!
There was no mention whatsoever of a ram or lamb! Who was this sacrificial person who was used as a ransom on behalf of Abraham's son? The bible makes it very clear as to who was that "GREAT"
sacrifice. In John 1:29, He is the one that takes away the sin of the World: "The next day he saw Jesus coming to him and said, "Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!"

In Mathew 10:45 our Lord Jesus Christ indicated that He was the "Son of Man" who has a sacrificial mission:

Killings mentioned in the Bible proved that the Quran is a false Book of Peace

Muslims today want us to belief whenever they quote 1Sam 15:23 and some other verse where killing was commanded by Yahweh that this is genocide and that make Our God a terrorist.  How succinct logical is this hypothesis?Allah or the author of the Quran indeed said in sura 5:32 that it was mentioned for the keys in the Torah that anyone who kill a man is as if he has killed the whole mankind. Therefore if Muslims condemned the killing in the Bible despite telling them it is the act of God being a supreme being who reign over ALL and HIS judgement on his  creatures after they refuse to heed to warming messages then we need the Muslim to justify the these hypotheses with the Quran

Friday, August 9, 2019

Who is the first Warner sent to the Arabs?

This is a question Muslim find difficult to answer and even till today if you ask any Muslim this question he/she will continue to conjecture and squeeze Ishmael into the tiny space. in this article I will expose the deceit of the Muslims about the first prophet sent to the Arabs and It is my desire for my readers to read with sincere and objective mind when Muslim say Ishmael was the first Prophet sent to the Arabs then they are only calling the Quran a lie. This verse alone is enough to make any objective mind leave Islam. Reading the Quran
sura 34:44