Friday, July 26, 2019

Islam; A web of confusion

Who is God?                                                      Allah
Is Kabbah the house of Allah?                          Yes
Is the Qur'an word of Allah?                             Yes
Is the Quran uncreated?                                  Yes

Is Allah uncreated? 
How many uncreated entity?                                 One
Is Allah Almighty?                                           Yes
Is the spirit of ALLAH Almighty?                    No
Can the spirit of ALLAH become a man?        Yes
Can Allah become a MAN?                              No
Did Allah talk to Musa
Did Allah talk with Adam?                               Yes
Did Muhammad speak with Allah?                  Not really
Did Mary give birth without sex?                    Yes
Can Allah have a son without a wife?              Noo!!
Is God a father metaphorically?                    Yes
Can we call Allah a father metaphorically?   Never
Who gave the Quran?                                    Allah
Did Allah revealed Muhammad's deeds to him as revelation?                                              Yes
Is Allah the Almighty?                                      Yes
Then who did he prayed to?                            I don't know
How old was Allah??                                        I don't know
Why was there no mention of ALLAH in the old testament?     Allahu Allam
Was the Quran given in plain in Arabic?          Yes
What is the meaning of ALM in the Quran?                  I don't know
Is the Quran  in pure Arabic?                                         Yes
What is the meaning of Eisa?                                     I don't know
Was Quran revealed in seven harufs?                         Yes
Did Allah commanded Othman to standardize it.      Noo
If Allah is eternal and Quran is eternal how many eternal entity shall we see in heaven?        One
What is the acceptable religion?                                     Islam
But will the Sabean enter heaven?                                   Yes sura 2:62
Is the bible word of God?                                                Nope
Can we find the name of Muhammad in the bible?           Yes
This Islam is a paradise of confusion I am out of it.


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