Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Islam: the fastest growing religion, a scam?!

Johnson:  Islam is a scam hope you know?
Abdul: what do you mean?
Johnson: let me explain, how many Muslims are in the world today?
Abdul: 1.6billions and counting alihamdulilahi
Johnson: thanks, please do you know Muhammad said my Ummah will be divided into 73 sects? And one of the sect will get to paradise
Abdul: yes he did said so what is your problem?
Johnson: is ahmadiyha a Muslim?
Abdul: shame on the followers of deception they deviated from Islam already so they are not true Muslim because they do not follow the Sunnah of the prophet
Johnson: thanks are the shia Muslims?
Abdul: never! they are far from being called a Muslim
Johnson: thanks, how many shia, ahmadihya and other false sect do you think we have in the world today?
Abdul: we have many more sects that deviated from the sun-nah of Muhammad. They are about 1billion or more
Johnson: thanks, subtract 1bullion from 1.6billions please
Abdul: we have 600thousands and please where are you driving at?
Johnson: no stress I only want to show you that Muslims population is plenty and rising day by day and Islam  is the fastest growing religion
Abdul: okay go on
Johnson: do you know according to aljazzera (an Islamic govt owned media house) about 16,000 Muslim leave Islam daily many turn to atheism or christian faith while pretty other choose other faith other than Islam
Abdul: I watched the TV broadcast and I know many are leaving Islam but I am not in total agreement with the number
Johnson: leave the number let us estimate how many people leave Islam daily
Abdul: Allahu Allam but people are leaving
Johnson: many are leaving and some are dying while others are getting born into the world via Muslim parents. Agreed. What do you think will be left of Muslim bouncing populations?
Abdul: hmm-mm! Islam will dominate insha Allah
Johnson: but Muhammad already said Islam be divided and only HIS SECT will make it to Jannah. so Islam is the fastest growing religion don't you think?
Abdul: you must be stupid, from this analysis of yours Islam is dwindling and its on its verge to extension if nothing is done to it. But insha Allah we shall dominate
Johnson: reason I say Islam is a scam.
Abdul: by the two right hands of Allah we shall dominate. I am on my way to masjid to do solat... I shall be back to tutor you more
Johnson: pray that Allah speak to you in the masjid as you worship . I hope he does.

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