Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Were messengers sent to all Nations before Muhammad

This dialogue ensued between Abdul and Joshua and you will find it educative, kindly read through

Abdul: hope you know Allah sent prophet to all Nation

Joshua: I don't know please

Abdul: reason we admonish you to read the Quran 

Joshua: by the way what Quranic verse said this?

Abdul: Quran 16:36
"And certainly We raised in every nation a messenger saying: Serve Allah and shun the Shaitan...."
Joshua: you mean Allah sent messengers to All NATION?!

Abdul: yes Qur'an said so

Joshua: okay! What messenger was sent to Ethiopia India Turkey Syria?

Abdul: don't be stupid Quran did not mention all the prophets

Joshua: I know the prophets sent were 124000 though Quran only mentioned 25 but the question is why did the author of the Quran said ALL NATION HAD MESSENGERS and yet we cannot have record of such in those this nations not to talk of their books

Abdul: Alihamdululah the Quran answered you Quran 4:164
"And Messengers We have mentioned to you before, and Messengers We have not mentioned to you..."

Joshua: so there Allah said he sent messengers to ALL NATION yet failed to mention them to Muhammad?!

Abdul: you are not thinking at all. All those who put on their thinking faculty should have seen the answer from the verse given above.

Joshua: don't get offset it is the author of the Quran that caused the error. We are wondering why? Allah claimed he sent messengers to ALL nation but failed to mention them to Muhammad. Why was Allah telling us in the first instance? This is a problem of the Quran?

Abdul: If this proves the Quran to be false, then may I put the Bible on the same scale ?

Joshua: thanks for agreeing with me I am glad but the problem here is begging the bible to absolve the Quran and you wanted to use the bible as alibi this is call you too syndrome why not finish up with the problem of the Quran so we can quickly handle the bible verse?

Abdul: you are running from the bible thanks

Joshua: I am not running from the bible let me nip it in the bud right away. The 500 people Paul made mentioned lived with the people at the time 1Cor 15:3-9 the people LIVED AMONG THE AUDIENCE if this were to be false claim the people would have raised eyebrows.
Again the mission of the disciples at that time is to propagate the gospel not propagate names or divert the gospel away from the cross to the people. This is a possible reason for their names not mentioned. Another possible reason is that ancient manuscript were not durable and such names were not taken into much cognizance since they lived within the people. So publishing those names is baseless and meaningless it does not affect the gospel of the risen Christ. The bible never claimed he had names written otherwise your questions would have make sense but now your question is now in the bin can you tell us who are those prophets or messengers sent to these nations
And if possible the names of their books (suhufs)

Abdul: I thought you have upgraded bit I am wrong. Chai!

Joshua: I am not updated but I am wise enough to see the error on the man made Quran

Abdul: you must be stupid for calling Quran mam made Amy Allah punish the liar. It is time for solat I will be back to tutor you the more. Inshallah

Joshua: calling me names answers nothing oh I am sorry I forgot you are a Muslim and you can curse and abuse like Allah did to Jews and the Christians. Whenever you are back o shall be ready for your lecture. God bless you and please come to Christ. Shalom

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