Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Slave of Allah and the son of YAWEH

This conversation ensued between Abdul and Joshua after they met in a religious meeting.

Abdul: you claim Jesus is God?

Joshua: No sir, point of correction I did not made the claim myself I am only citing what the scripture said and as a believer I must belief the bible and that is exactly what I was telling you

Abdul: ahusubilahi!!

Joshua: meaning?

Abdul: God forbid bad thing, there is no where in the entire bible where Jesus said I am God or worst still worship me, nowhere! Allah Akbar!

Joshua: please stay with me and hear me well, I agreed there is nowhere in the entire bible where Jesus said the exact word I AM GOD or where he said WORSHIP ME but... Abdul cuts in...

Abdul: Allah Akbar!! then why do you now say the bible said Jesus is God? This is a deception from shaitan. I seek refuge from Allah

Joshua: thanks you need to be more attentive next time sir, Jesus is called God severally in the bible and in most time the attribute of Almighty cannot be assigned to a mere mortal but Jesus on several occasions attributed divinity to himself and even your Quran also agreed with the bible on this point. If no one can attribute the character of God to himself yet Jesus did I want to ask what does that make Jesus?

Abdul: ehm ehm... Don't muddle things up for me pls..let us solve it one after another.

Joshua: okay sir

Abdul: your number one point is accepted Jesus never call himself God in that exact word or statement but can you show me where Jesus was called God in the bible? Them we move to another point of your claim

Joshua:  now you are coming closer. Without much ado let me cite bible references where Jesus was called God John 20:28  he was called MY LORD AND MY GOD. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Rev 1:8,17 and Rev 22:13 2Peter 1:2-3..of God, and of Jesus our Lord, ...According as his divine power

 Abdul: cuts in... Please do you mean you belief all these words attributed to Jesus?

Joshua: don't get me wrong I said Jesus was called God in the bible that is what I just established for you and hope from now you will desist from saying Jesus was not called God anywhere in the entire Bible?

Abdul: whatever do you think I will belief the words that was written by Paul and those we cannot traced their names?! The gospel was corrupted according to Bert Herman

Joshua: lol!!! Anyway I am glad you have no salient point to rebut my claim. What is the next point?

Abdul: where exactly was Allah attribute given to Jesus in your bible?

Joshua: don't mix things up I never said Allah attribute I said God and whenever I said that I mean YAWEH the ever living God who is alive forever more

Abdul: the Arabic Bible called YAWEH Allah now!

Joshua: I don't want to deviate but permit me to say this to a stone worshiper his stone is his Allah and to Muhammad Allah is the god that remain behind a curtain who is muted all these years he is not regarded as the same thing as YAWEH and Arabic Bible using Allah for God should be as a generic name for god unlike YAWEH which is the personal name of God. My Allah is father son am holy spirit..

Abdul: don't deviate please answer the question posed at you

Joshua: thanks and that is exactly what I will do
God is alpha and omega Jesus is alpha and omega
God is alive forever Jesus is alive forever
God is the author of life Jesus is the author of live
God is the creator Jesus is the creator
God is the savior Jesus is equally the savior
God is the judge Jesus is the judge

Abdul: cuts in... I shall be going to observe my solat and when I come back I will demand for verses where I can find any of these claims

Joshua: no qualms whenever you are ready I shall give them to you. Go well but I will advice you bow to a living saviour the lord Jesus as you go for solat.

Abdul: you must be stupid. Najiz and stinking kafrun. I am coming back to debunk your claim and tutor you as usual

Joshua: you shall be welcome anytime you are back. Thanks shalom

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