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who do we blame for this terrorism ravaging our land?

Lucas Bashir wrote an excellent article in response to the terrorist act done on Christians In Shrilankan churches on the Easter day celebration on April  22nd 2019. I am agreeing with lucas Bashir that we should condemned all act of terrorism and should not be attached to a race or personality but Evil cannot be perpetrated without an agent and man is often the agent of evil but the question we need to ask sincerely from the bottom of our heart is that what motivate these people to perpetrate barbaric act and
unleashed hell on people?
The answer is not far fetched if truly we are sincere by the way when last have you sit down to ask why will a killer shout Allahu akbar!!! before detonating the bomb that send people to their untimely grave?
What make someone chant a religious chorus as they journey along in the valley of destructing lives and properties?
The answer is books of the prophet and I will streamline my quest on the books of the Jewish the Christians and the Muslims. ( the controversy unarguably lies in these faiths and belief )


    There were certain commands to the keys to former trouble and deal with their enemies by YAWEH and this is for a specific objective. To punish the enemies of the Jew who stood on their way to the fulfillment of HIS promises to the Israelites. These commandment is now not in use since the jews have settled in the promised land and at often times violence were allowed to be unleashed on the jews themselves (as permitted by YAWEH) this is to teach them lessons am reset their brain anytime they had gone astray to see another idols or in grave punishment to the disobedience of HIS commandment.
   Do we say the violence in the Old Testament of the jews are the motivation behind these killings in this 21st century?  There is no gainsaying there were indeed commands in the Old Testament but they were specific and streamlined to a particular tribe and duration no doubt. Even the jew who have the books are not reciting this commands before throwing bombs because they knew the command to fight the Amalekites, Philistines, Egyptians, Syrians and the rest were just specific and direct over a period of time. Any Jew who perpetrate evil cannot claim he is doing such by the command of his holy revealed books of the prophets. By this I am not saying terrorism is not being perpetrated by the Jews but from my analysis no Jews can substantiate his violence and terrorist acts on the book of his prophets


   The Christians believe in the Old Testament as an historical event of the lineage that brought about the advent of the Messiah. It is the mirror at which we look into the past history of the Jews and their prophecies as we learnt our lessons and It is a known fact that the new testament is about the fulfillment of the law and the entrants of the period GRACE. there is no single command of violence or vengeance to be unleash on people by the Lord Jesus
    Meanwhile the opposite is the case as he commanded his followers to turn left cheek anytime thy are being molested or attacked.  He said they should not struggle with the powerful ones who despite fully use them he said they will be killed and persecuted by those zealots, Nazists and the Mujahiduns who think they are actually working for God. Some verses could be mistranslated to means violence but without mincing  words the life's of his disciples preached his message and as the history would have it most if these disciples died - some years after Jesus ascension - as martyrs defending the gospel of grace and peace delivered unto them by the Lord.
    Therefore, anyone who called himself New Testament followers of the gospel of the lord cannot say he has been command anywhere to perpetrate and unleash terror on unbelievers or people of divergent opinions. I know there are people who claimed to be a Christian yet perpetrate violence and unleash terror on others but such act cannot be blamed on the books of his prophet or on the New Testament never but rather we must question such to tell us from. Whence he got his commandment from since we know Jesus the Lord was a man of peace who had all powers to safe himself from the enemies yet he opened not his mouth as his people handed him over to the Roman Empire to be crucified. He bled and died but rose on the third day and ascended into the heavenly.


    It is agreed fact that Muslims believed in the Quran and the ultimate revelations that guide their deens and in the haddith as the book where they derive the lesson learnt from the noblest prophet of the entire human race and in the azbabunasul called the tafsirs which explain the why and what of revelations given to prophet Muhammad (S. A. W). He was adjusted to be the best example for mankind as his exemplary lifestyle can be found in the seerah and in the haddith but the Muslims had their books graded by their scholars into authentic and weak haddith with which they use the Quran to sieve the accepted hadith from those rejected thought it was their scholars who collected thousands of hadith and sieve them before arriving at these sahih hadiths he entrenched in his books called sahih Al Bukhari hadith and others are sahih Muslim, Sunan AnNisai, Sunan Abu Dawood, Jami at-tirmidhi, Muwatta Malik and Ibn Majah. These hadith were collected together and many years later it was graded into sahih and doeff and darrusalam. It worthy of note that hadith are accepted by the Muslims as books that explain the much needed details of the deed of Prophet Muhammad and the Deen of al islam to be followed and guided jealously. Without mincing words there are violent verses in the Quran in the haddith and seerah of the muslims.
  •    According to the general belief of the Muslims and as entrenched in their Islamic books Muhammad was once a gentle man but he was frustrated and sent out of his town and was attacked severally when he began to preach against their idols though according to history did not retaliate till he was allowed to do so by Allah and he engaged in vengeful act of fighting and performing jihads. He like Moses carried out several wars and  expeditions on the Jews and on the people of his Quaresh tribe and on the caravans and till he died he fought jihad and his sahabas followed suit as they went on conquering town cities and territories for Allah's cause. They claimed they were following the sun-nah and the precept of the prophet and his legacies were religiously followed by the caliphs that lived after him. All Muslims are commanded in the Quran to follow the example of Muhammad. Here are the questions we need to ask:

  • Can we say those shouting Allahu Akbar - before detonating bombs - are actually following the Sunnah of Muhammad today?
  • Are the violent verses in the Quran not applicable today and are those following these Sunnah doing contrary?
  • Is Islam revelation also divided Into old and new revelations and if not why do we condemn those shouting Allahu Akbar before slaying their opponents who have contrary opinions?
  • The people who perpetrate terrorism declare their ideologies and Intentions before or after such expeditions claiming they are following the Sunnah. Do we disagree with their declaration and disregard their Quranic recitations with a wave of the hands?
  • If Muhammad is the best of examples to be followed as Quran claimed and he perpetrated jihads on idol worshipers. Aren't the ISIS, and other acclaimed Islamic terrorist groups following his exemplary life today by burning people beheading them and stoning people to death (all these can e traced to the prophet SAW and his sahahbas)?
  • Sura9 is a violent sura called the verse of the sword that abrogated the peaceful verses earlier revealed to Muhammad and it was in the sura that Allah allowed Muhammad to be vengeful and do jihad. The sura is in the Quran  today, and are Muslims saying the sura of the sword no longer today applicable or we need to apply our own ideology into it by modifying it?
These are pertinent questions that Muslims and every seeker of truth need to answer objectively. 


   The keys knew they were not commanded to commit violence on anyone today and this does not mean the keys are not fomenting terror but are they going by their books and do such claim his books was leading him to do such. Can we blame the book he never quoted for his misdeeds? On the other hand  the acclaimed Christians who engage in terrorism   cannot justify such by Amy verse in the new testament today. Such might have one reason or another for doing such heinous crime but it is certainly true that he is not been led by the book of the new testament but by his own selfish and evil desires. And can we blame the book of his prophet for such?  I am leaving the question for my reader
   And lastly we know violence was the last resort of Muhammad according to the Quran in sura 9 and his followers followed his precept by unleashing terror on idol worshipers and the keys and the Christians of their time by so doing spreader Islam via wars and terrorism called jihad.
Forward to the 21st century we have many terrorist groups with their ideologies explained most of these groups uses Quran and the haddith to support their deeds this they often do after the act to let the people know their ideology. Nobody is calling Muslims terrorist group but the terrorist themselves are calling themselves Muslims;  there goes the dividing line. Are we wrong for calling them what they call themselves? No!! 

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Did Jesus really died on the cross?

• Jesus told His disciples explicitly on at least three occasions (Matthew 16:21; 17:22; 20:17) that He was going to Jerusalem to be crucified (yes, He used that word), but would rise from the dead.  Why would Jesus say that if He had no intention of going through with it?

• Four independent authors reported the details of the crucifixion.  At least one (John) was a direct eyewitness, another was a disciple, and two others obtained their information from eyewitnesses.

• Thousands of people who were gathered in Jerusalem for the Passover witnessed the event.

• Jesus' own mother and His best friend (again, John) were direct witnesses at the foot of the cross.  (John 19:25-27)  If anyone would know that it was really Jesus on the cross, they would.

• A Roman soldier pierced Jesus' side to be sure He was dead.  They would normally have broken His legs, causing Him to suffocate, but did not need to because He was already dead.

• Two Pharisees who were followers of Jesus, Nicodemus, and Joseph of Arimathea, prepared Jesus for burial. Jesus was placed in Joseph's sepulcher.  By handling the body, they would have known whether it was Jesus or not and whether He was really dead.

• According to Islamic tradition (it's not in the Qur'an or hadiths), Judas was made to look like Jesus and supposedly died in Jesus' place.  However, the Bible records that Judas hanged himself (Matthew 27:5) before Jesus' crucifixion and his body fell from the place of hanging and split open so that his innards gushed out! (Acts 1:18)  His substitution on the cross would be contradictory.


The Qur'an implies that Allah only made it appear that Jesus died on the cross, whatever that means.

If everyone was made to believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose again, when in fact He did not, this then would have been a massive lie by Allah, actually resulting in the birth and growth of Christianity.

On the other hand, if Jesus really did die on the cross and rise again, and Allah said 600 years later that the event did not happen, this also would be a lie by Allah.

In either case, Allah is shown to be a liar.  But God by nature and definition cannot lie.  So Allah cannot be the true God.

Linwood Kemp

Friday, April 19, 2019

Was Muhammad first revelation an encounter with the devil?

reading through the former scriptures men encountered angels several portion of the Jewish scriptures none were oppressed, depressed, suffocated to the point of death NONE!!

But it is a different ball game when Muhammad narrated his ordeal in the hands of the _"angel"_ that pressed him so hard till the point of passing out

Is this the same angel of the lord we read in the Jewish scripture? can we see any related example of anyone pressed by angels before revelation descend on them?! *NONE*!!!

▪Abraham encountered angels
▪Joshua encountered angel
▪Moses had an encounter with the lord
▪Isaiah saw angels
▪Zachariah met with angel yet he was not pressed
▪Mary encounter angel of God both in the Quran and bible

And many other prophets in the Jewish book
None of these people had a terrible experience as explained by Muhammad in his book!!  But we know for sure how demon torment people and the resultant effect on them! Infact according to islamic source Muhammad was even said to have been bewitched as he began to imagining sexual encounter with his wife while in the real sense he was not doing the act!

We have heard of people who encounter demon, jinns and ugly spirit beigns who either oppressed them or forcefully take them away from their neighborhood to show superiority over them before giving them magical powers. Since the encounter as related in the haddith is similar to a demonic encounter Can we then conclude that Muhammad never saw Angel but in actually sense had encounter with demon who possessed him after pressing him so hard to the point of death before giving him chance to qul, ikhrah or recite the Quranic revelations!!

_Please Muslims, you need to justify this Muhammad narration how it is in sharp contrast with the angelic revelation and manifestation as found in the old testament and in the new testament both use by  Christians today!_


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Is the earth actually flat?

Muslims often accuse the Christians that the Bible is ridden with errors and more importantly it does not fit in with modern science. They often quoted the book of Matthew 4: 8 

Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;
Muslim query the possibility of seeing the entire