Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Dawah of Deceit - why is Jamiu Adegunwa hiding a 7minutes encounter with Korede Olawoyin?

I made a post in the morning about the Dawah of deceit executed by both Risalatul Haq Dawah headed by UstazJamiu Adegunwa Jamiu Adegunwa and ACADIP headed by Yusuf Adepoju.
For some time now, I have seen the ACADIP group engaging Christians who are not knowledgeable in their scriptures, not to talk of the Qur'an, and when challenged by Apologist, the group which claim to be academic in nature back out.

Infact, this group (ACADIP) has been known for editing video, they did this to bro Ibn Fawole Opeyemi Anthony when he engaged Adepoju and Rev Jomoh, his answer to a question was edited out, whereas, in the audio Fawole recorded without their consent, the answer was there.
On the other hand, I have always thought Risalatul Haq as group who have been engaging Apologist in debates and one on one conversation, I see this group as an Islamic organisation that want to defend Islam against attack and misconception, but this view of mine have eventually changed, and here is why.

Three weeks ago, a program was organized by Imam Abd. Hameed Abd. Fatai of Monoorul Haq, the theme of the program was:

Muhammad An Exemplary Model For Mankind They have two sub topics under this, namely;

1. Who is Muhammad in the Bible and the Qur'an?
2. What Do World personalities think about him
Two eminent comparators were invited to speak at this event, Ustaz Jamiu and Ustaz Abdul Ghani known as Mr Computer. The first topic was to be taken by Ustaz Jamiu Adegunwa, while the latter by Mr Computer. Ustaz Jamiu used roughly 50 minutes for his talk, he barely touched on the topic. Out of the 50 mins, 45 mins was used in attacking the Bible, Christianity and abusing personalities altogether.

Saying things like, Bible is a stupid book, Christian are daft, etc. He managed to talk about the issue for about 5 minutes, he just quoted a Quranic verse where he said Muhammad was accorded by Allah as the best example for Mankind. Mr Computer used just about 15 minutes to talk about what great personality says about Muhammad, and guess what? Michael Hart was also quoted when this was going on.

For those who have been familiar with Muslims using some eminent personalities to praise Muhammad, the name, Micheal Hart is not a strange one, infact, its known by those who have never even read the book itself. The videos of how Micheal ranked Muhammad is also over youtube, thanks for the late Ahmed Deedat who made this popular.What was particularly interesting is the fact while Mr computer was talking, he made it personal to me, calling my name, asking if I was listening and all that he is saying about Muhammad, I listened with keen patience.

When the two speakers finished with their fallacies, ad hominem and argument from silence, I was getting ready to ask questions. Suddenly, the I noticed that Labaika's cameraman, Asani Shola Lateef Bobolawi (the same guy CP exposed), stopped the Camera, dismount it and started putting all the accessories in his bag. I was like, is this guy not going to record the question and answer? Unknown to me, this younf man did it on purpose, he did not want to record the Q and A Seeing how dangerous it is for the Ummah (the Muslims) to go out with such misinformation, I quickly went to the high table to address Labaika, asking him, "is there no room for Q and A?" He replied, "No question!

Stunned by that, and seeing I wasn't ready to accept that, he directed me to the organizer, immediately I approached the young man, Alfa Opawuyi and told him that we have questions. He quickly told the MC we had questions. Once this is settled, I told Asani that he can now record, since Q and A is coming up, surprisingly, he refused as if he knew some damage to the lies and deception of his lecturers is about coming up. So, the announcement was made for questioners and I quickly went out with the notes I have been putting together, the Quran and my "Micheal Hart book"

I started with Mr Computer. During his lecture, he stated that Michael Hart ranked Muhammad No 1, Paul No 2, and Jesus No 3 Before bringing out the book at all, I asked him, "sir, have you read the book?" He said he had, then I told him that Michael Hart did not rank Paul above Jesus, therefore his (Mr Computer) presentation was wrong. He immediately asked if I have read the book, I said I have not only read it but that I have the book as well and that was not Michael Hart said.In order not to make it an issue of my word against him, I brought out the book, the man was shocked. I told him I will read the ranking as stated by Hart. I read the book, and lo and behold, Jesus was no 3, and Paul was no 6!

"And I asked him, why did you lie to this people?" Seeing that he had made such an error in the face of the Ummah, he tried to redeem himself, he insisted that Paul was ranked higher than Jesus, but after probing him further, he admitted he made a mistake in the ranking. I actually made him admit he gave out a false information and I did it for a reason, I need the audience to know their Scholars lied to them, this lies have been going on for a while, Infact for years, since these leaders knew their followers don't read and only obey them, they keep deceiving and feeding them with this lies.
After admitting, he said even if he got the ranking wrong, the most important thing is that Michael Hart rank Muhammad as No 1.

As the Lord would have it, I asked, "what was the reason why Hart ranked Muhammad as No 1, he responded that since I have the book I should read it out. Then, I read the two reasons why Hart did this, namely; "Muhammad was responsible for the theology of Islam and he is the author of the Qur'an." After reading this, I asked him, does he agreed that Muhammad is the author of the Quran? He said that is where Michael Hart was mistaken! I asked, how can you accept the conclusion of Hart and reject the reasons for the conclusion?

He said we don't need to agree with everything Hart said, now, in order to prove his case, he quoted the Qur'an where Allah was saying the Christian believed in one part and rejected the other part of the message sent down to them. Unknown to him, this verse is actually condemning his action.
I told him point blank, this ayah is for you sir, because you are the one picking and choosing from what suit your case in the book of Micheal Hart. it was a scene and the audience were watching with dismay. Since the point is made, and time wasn't on our side, I moved on to the Ustaz.

Before engaging, he told me point blank "Korede you have only one question to ask"
I knew the reason why he said that, he does not want to face what his partner faced. I agreed and asked him, "Sir, if we want to learn about the life and history of Muhammad, what source do we turn to?" I wouldn't have asked this question, but I discovered that he picked and choose the Hadith reference he wants, he is known for condemning Hadith he does not like, even if they are Sahih.
He answered that the Quran is the primary source of the life of Muhammad. I asked if there were other sources, he avoided the Hadith and said its still the Quran.

Just in case he did not hear my question right, I asked him the question again, and he repeated the same answer. Then, I turned to the audience that the Muslims tells us that the Quran is the word of Allah and that it was not a *story book* how then can the Ustaz tell us that if he want to learn about the life History about Muhammad, we need to turn to the Quran? Then I proceed to ask him the next question, "sir, can you please show us from the Qur'an the narration of how Muhammad received the first revelation" Just then the Ustaz realized the problem he had put himself into, and he answered "Korede, I told you that you could ask only one question" and that was how the Ustaz avoided the question.

Now, after the event, I went to Asani, the guy who refused to cover the Q and A session with the camera, he eventually used his Tablet to record that session, and infact, he was interrupting me during the whole process. I asked that he give me a copy of the video, and he refused, he said he was not going to release the video to me. Two days later, I contacted Ustas Jamiu, that Asani his boy has refused to release the video, the Ustaz told me that he has no hand in the video, that Asani would release the video at his discretion, I was surprised, what is it about the video that the Ustaz does not want to release?

Later, the Ustaz said he has no issue with the video, that since he is not the only one in the video, I should contact Mr Computer, it could be that, Mr Computer does not want it released. I got Mr Computer's number, and called him, asking for permission for the release of the video, he said he do call the Cameraman and get back to me, but unfortunately, when I called back, he did not pick any longer and eventually blocked my line :) I called him with my other line, he picked once, and that was the end, he did not pick again. Evangelist Isang stepped into the case, he called Ustaz Jamiu and ask for the release of the video, the Ustaz told him he has nothing to do with the video, as the event wasn't that of Risalatul Haq, also stating he has no problem for the video to be released. He told the Evangelist to contact Mr Computer and request for the video and the organizer of the program.

Evangelist Isang Udo Akagha called Mr Computer, and guess what? Mr. Computer said, he is not with the video and has not even watched it ever since the incidence that the Evangelist should collect the video from Ustaz Jamiu since he was the one who recorded it. Are you thinking what I am thinking at this moment? Evangelist Isang Udo Akagha also called the organizer of the program, showing his interest in the video, the organizer said, they have not gotten the video yet, that they are waiting on the Ustaz Jamiu to upload the video the youtube, that they are not in possession of the video. Now, the Evangelist made an effort and called Ustaz Jamiu, informing him that Mr Computer had given him permission to obtain the video, guess what again, Ustaz Jamiu said he cant believe the Evang, therefore, he kept and hide the video till now. 

If these "Scholars" are indeed preaching the truth, why are they hiding 7-10 minutes video of my engagement with them? Are they afraid that their followers will discovered they have been lied to and therefore reject their falsehood? Why is Ustaz Jamiu and his boy Asani no wanting this video to be released to the public? You will notice after reading all these, some of their followers will go on asking funny questions like, "why didn't Korede record the video?" They ask this instead of asking their Ustaz the video since he is the one in possession of it. These two Muslim were present in the program, and witnessed it all, Samod Tunde Uzain Adekunle Progress. Why are these Muslims teachers engaged in the Dawah of lies?

Written by : Bro Korede Olawoyin
                 Seasoned Apologist