Friday, February 8, 2019



The book attributed to Barnabas was translated into Arabic by Dr. Khalil Sa'adah, from an English copy in the year 1907 at the request of Sayyid Muhammad Rashid Ridha, the founder of Al-Manar magazine. It was rejected completely by Christians because it was a forgery. Those who accepted it were a sect of Muslims. They did so for the very simple reason that portions of it support the statement that Christ was not crucified, but His likeness fell upon Judas Iscariot who was crucified in His place. Scholars who have carefully studied the matter are unanimously agreed that this book, which has been falsely attributed to Barnabas did not exist before the 15th century. This is almost 1500 years after the death of Barnabas. If it had been available before that period, Muslims scholars like al-Tabari, al-Baidhawi, and Ibn Kathir would not have been divided in opinion about the end of Christ, nor about specifying the person who is said to have been