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Is Becca the same mecca of the Saudi Arabia?

Muslims who want to associate Islam to the Jewish religion often claim that Becca mentioned in Psalm 84:6 is the same thing as the one Muslims all over the world go to for their pilgrimage.How true is this Muslim's claim? Do we take this claim as authentic despite not having any shred of evidence to back it up?
claim?  Can we swallow bogus lie from our Muslim friends without doubt?
I will in the course of this article disproof the Muslim claim about Becca this claim championed by the renowned Islamic scholarship late Ahmed Deedat in South Africa

Becca means a valley of weeping tree obviously because of the droplet of secretion from these balsam trees and Muslims now we ask what is the meaning of Mecca? Mecca was not mentioned on any archaeological artifacts or historical document or manuscripts before the 4th century though it was only mentioned trice in the Quran ( sura 3:96 sura 48:28 4 and sura 33:50) how come Muslims concluded it was the same Becca mentioned twice in the bible Psalm 84:6 and 2sam 5:24?

Muslims claim Abraham and Ishmael built Kabbah in  Mecca but this claim contradict what was revealed in the noble Quran and before you ask me how do I mean let me tell you that Quran in quite a number of verses said clearly that: No Warner had been sent to the Arab prior to the seventh century sura 34:44 28:46 and sura 11:49 even said he did not know about the people of old neither HIS PEOPLE as seen in these tafsirs.
From the tafsirs we know the people of Mecca were addressed in these text see the link below for the tafsirs and this also.
If we are indeed one of the truth seekers then we need to ask objectively how did Abraham built Kabbah in Mecca if actually there is no Warner sent to mecca before 7th century as found in the revealed book of Allah.  This is a dilemma for Muslims. The ancient map of Israel Becca is locate in the bank of the Mediterranean sea according to this ancient map of Israel. While Mecca is located in Saudi Arabia many miles apart from Becca in Israel. How can this Becca be Mecca? We need to ask the Muslims. 

If Becca mentioned in the Psalms of David is the same Mecca Muslims face while praying then we need to ask the Muslims to explain, why Muhammad changed the qibla (direction faced during worship) to Mecca? Instead of holding unto fables and lies Muslims need to reconsider this claim and drop this claim since it cannot be substantiated in any way.This indeed look as if we indeed have two Meccas? Muslims need to answer this serious question if truly they still want to hold on to their claim:

If Becca is Mecca can you give us any reference to the fallen stone in any ancient book or better when did the stone fall?
1. At Adam
2. At Abraham time
3. At Muhammad time
4. Allahu Allam (Only God knows best)

If we are to go by Muslim claim that Becca mentioned in Psalms is the same location of pilgrimage for the Muslims then we need to ask why did Yahweh commanded Solomon to build a temple and a house of worship for Him? 1Chronicles 22:7-10 This is a problem for Muslim  making the claim that Becca is Mecca in Saudi Arabia today. 

Fsp, December 01, 2018
1Chronicles 22:7-10, 1King 8:18-20, 2Samuel 7:12-13, Zechariah 6:12–13

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