Saturday, November 24, 2018

How can Jesus be God and a man at the same time?

Muslim queried

Christian is God Almighty and all powerful?

Muslim say YES

christian say if there is a condition before acclaimed deity perform an action or deed can he still be called Almighty?

Muslim say NO

christian drives home the point by saying do you know Allah was conditioned in the Quran by the writer of the Quran?

Muslims said Ahusubilahi never in our Quran!!

christian said kindly help me read sura 6:101

Muslim quotes
Sahih Intl
[He is] Originator of the heavens and the earth. How could He have a son when He does not have a companion and He created all things? And He is, of all things, Knowing.

He is and he does not are third person pronoun exposing Quran to be from a third party

Allah or the writer of the _noble_ Qur'an himself placed Allah in a condition before he could fulfill a role and you just said Almighty cannot be held under a condition before he display his mighty power as GOD.

Please note
But Quran said Allah said BE and it come to pass but this Quran verse contradict Allah's claim he can have children of he has a wife then where is the kunfayakun of Allah?!

Muslim began to wail and rain curses may Almighty Allah curse you. Stupid kafiroon that is why Allah said you are worst of creature. Get out!!!!


          This is important
Jesus is God who came into his creation as a man John 1:1,2,10 and 14. He is not called son of God because of sexual intercourse of the father and Mary but by the virtue of incarnation. God lowered himself as the  word of God became a perfect man called the second Adam who came to atone for our sins. This is  logical and sensible with the triune God. Philipian 2:6-9 Luke 2:11 2timothy 3:16

Islam is false a sure way to hell sura 19:71-72 sura 3: 185 confirmed by sahih Bukharin vol 1 book 12 number 770 on the contrary Jesus is The way the truth and the life john 14:7 will you come to him today Matthew 11:27:28
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