Saturday, June 23, 2018


Christian: Do you know with God all things are Possible?

Muslim : Oh yes of course. God can do anything.

Christian: Do believe God can do anything whether it makes sense to man or Not and no man can hold Him responsible because all Powers belong to Him

Muslim: Yes, of course. He is God, and Only One God.

Christian: All the answers your have given to my answers are very Correct. Therefore  If you have agreed that GOD CAN DO ANYTHING and no one can hold Him responsible then GOD CAME ON EARTH IN THE FLESH THROUGH THE VIRGIN MARY CREATED BY THE SAME GOD WHO SERVED AS MOTHER ON EARTH.

MUSLIM : Nooooooooo !!! Nooo! No human being can give Birth to God. It is impossible.

Christian : OK. Can I ask you a question?

Muslim :Yes go ahead and I will prove to you that your Bible is corrupted.

Christian: Was Mary a Virgin when He got Pregnant without a man having sex with her?


CHRISTIAN : Which simply means that the two of us agree that no man's seed or semens went into her before giving birth right?

Muslim: YES.

Christian: Good. So under normal circumstance   what happens before a woman gets pregnant?

Muslim : Ha but don't you know?  The woman must definitely have sexual intercourse before getting pregnant.

CHRISTIAN : But in the very case of only JESUS  CHRIST in the entire world today there was no insertion of man's Semens right?

Muslim : Yes


Muslim : NO ANSWER. But just shouting

CHRISTIAN: THAT IS THE SEED OF GOD. And That Seed is The Son of God and He Is God because God can only Give birth to God.

Muslim: Noooo.  It is not True. What about Adam and Eve? Who is their Father, they have no Father.

CHRISTIAN : so in the case of Adam and Even, If I may ask you question to answer you, who got pregnant and gave birth to them?

Muslim : (silence)  Hmm (Sighs). No One.

Christian: How were they created?  God Created out of The Soil and Breathed into Adam, and through Adam's Rib came forth Woman.  Therefore there was no Sexual intercourse that brought Forth Adam and Eve. Do you Agree?

Muslim: Yes but Quoran tells as something different.

Christian: But in all what your Quoran told you there was no SEXUAL INTERCOURS TO BRING FORTH ADAM AND EVE RIGHT?

Muslim :Yes

CHRISTIAN: Now Listen to the most interesting thing. Through JESUS CHRIST everything including Adam and Eve were Created. Both seen and unseen.

Muslim: NOOOOOOO! It is not true

CHRISTIAN: Please don't be screaming especially when you don't have answers to my questions. how did God create The world?

Muslim :He Spoke them and the things came into being.

CHRISTIAN: You mean He used HIS WORD to Create the world right?

Muslim? Yes

Christian:Are you sure of what you are saying?

Muslim : Yes. You see, you don't even know this.

CHRISTIAN : So Who is HIS WORD according to your Quoran? sura 4:171

Muslim : (silence)


Who is The Word in your Quoran? Sura 4:171

(No Answer) 

Christian: JESUS CHRIST IS THE WORD MY BROTHER. research and get back to me. And my Last question before I leave "With God All things are possible right? Whether it makes sense to man or not?

Muslim : Hmm.

Christian: My Brother, don't  allow yourself to be bamboozled you need to learn THE truth and stop defending false doctrine because you fear you will loose your family and wealth. Please your life is priceless DON'T ALLOW the sweet words of Mohammed to deceive you.

Muslim: Please don't talk about Mohammed he was a Holy man and PURE. He has never sinned before.

Christian: There is no man who has never sinned before except GOD ALONE.

Muslim : You are right.

Christian: The Bible says for all have sinned and fallen short of The Glory of God. The same Bible says For The Wages of Sin is Death but The Gift of God is Eternal life through Our Lord.

But you see JESUS CAME IN THE FLESH AND TOOK UPON HIMSELF THE SINS IF THE WORLD and through Him we are made Righteous. And even in your Quran he was called holy son sura 19:19!

Just as Through ONE man sin came into the world BUT Through CHRIST JESUS we were redeemed Through His Blood.
John 3:16

You see anyone Who rejects The Son of God rejects Life. And he or she is already condemned. Everyone has to Receive Christ as The Lord over His Life to receive Free Salvation.

Will you come to JESUS?

Muslim: Hmm (Silence)....I will. SOBBING.....

Christian: Say this Prayer after me:

Heavenly Father, I thank You for today and Your Word of Life. I  Believe in Your Son's Death and Resurrection and Ascension in my Place so that I will have Life. I thank You. I admit I am a sinner. Please forgive me of all my sins and wash me with The Blood of JESUS CHRIST and write my name in The Book of Life. I thank You for answered Prayer Amen.

Christian /Muslim :AMEN.

Christian : You are now BORN Again. God Has Cleared all your sins away and you don't need water to be washing yourself five times a day.

ONLY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST WASHES SINS AWAY. find a Bible Believing Church and Attend and get a Bible for yourself and Ask CHRISTIANS who have grown in The True Faith of God Questions and they will happily answer you as you also grow in The Lord. I love you but JESUS loves you more.

CHRISTIAN gives His Brother a Hug.


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Islam must be from Allah

Can Allah and Muhammad do stupid things?

Muslims often ask why did God became a man? They would not wait for the answer before they conclude and assumed that biblical God must be stupid for taking up human shape.

Anyway let us examine the Islamic book to see if actually Allah can't do stupid things.....

▪Allah allowed the killing of an innocent baby claiming he would grow to become a sinner sura 18;74
▪Allah would insert iron chain of 70 cubit into the anus of people in hell sura 69:30-34
▪Allah allowed Muhammad to sleep with his wife's slave girls sura 66:1
▪The kissed Blackstone would have eyes and tongue to speak as if it is human as _*Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 961; Ibn Maajah, 2944*_
▪Allah asked for a *LOAN* to be repayed with interest Surah 57:11 and 18.
▪Allah allowed Muhammad to spit while the Muslim drink it and smear it in their bodies like perfume.
_Sahih Bukhari vol 3 book 30 number 1973, Sahih Bukhari vol 4 book 61 number 3561, sahih muslim vol 6 book 43 number 6054_

▪Allah said he is the best of deceivers sura 3:54
▪Muhammad ordered people by the leaf of Allah to drink Camel urine and its milk (as a medicine)._Sahih Bukhari 8:82:794_
▪ Muhammad drank intoxicated wine? *YES*
_sahih muslim 3753_
▪Solomon had numbers of wives in the haddith thanks for calling Muhammad a liar.
_al-Bukhaari in his Saheeh (5242)_
I can as well tell more but I will stop here and you might ask for more stupid act of Allah if you wanted to know more about Islam fun facts as recorded in the Quran and the sahih hadith.
Can this Allah be the Almighty? Can we actually follow the steps of Muhammad?


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Robin Scott Got Exposed About The Deity Of Jesus

This is a response to the article been spreaded by the Muslim dawah team about Robbin Scott. Robbin Scott get exposed once again.
1. He claimed Muslims belief in one Allah meanwhile, Christians also belief and teach that there is ONE God who is a triune being, and believing in one GOD is not sufficient for salvation, because Satan himself belief in ONE GOD and trembled James 2:19

2. There is no verse in the bible where we were told about what he did not eat in fact he ate with sinners and publicans. He also said it is not what you eat that make you unclean but what comes from your mind. Matthew 15:11

3. Greeting of Jesus was not salaamuailekum because he never spoke ARABIC, he said shalom john 20:21 and john 20:21 came before the Arabic Quran, why would you assume what is not truth?

4. Jesus never said inshallah, he said thy will be done, talking about HIS FATHER and Allah is not a father!!

5. Muslims do ablution meanwhile,  the washing of feet done by Jesus is not abution, can the imam allow the worshippers to come inside the mosque and wash each others feet? washing of feet is not synonymous  in anyway with islamic ABLUTION!!!?

6. Jesus and other prophet not only prayed bowing their heads they sometimes prayed kneeling down. 2chronicle 6:13, Act 9:40 we were ordered to kneel before him psalm 95:6

Jesus himself prayed looking up ward to the sky ,John 11:41 this contradict Islamic teachings
Having a beard is nowhere a criteria for being a christian or Muslim, mad men also have beard are they Muslims too? Even many cult members now wear beard, I can chose to wear beard if my wife like it(ask Korede) this beard issue is irrelevant.

8. Matthew 5:17  Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. He came to fulfill the law not to perform it, in fact he actually sent those selling and exchanging dove in the synagogue away  Mattew 21:12-13 HE FULFILLED THE LAW USING HIS BLOOD ONCE AND FOR ALL ,Romans 8:3 He is the end of the law Rom, 10:4

9. quoting old testament to justify purdah, and covering in Islam is another lie Mary in those quoted was not mentioned at all as putting on hijab or purdah!! Another propaganda of Islam. Nevertheless women likewise men are advice in the scripture to dressed modestly but not to be in bondage of Islam

10. Yes! They fasted for 40 days, but Muslims do not fast for 30 days during Ramadan this is another propaganda, this show Islam as proposed by Scott is deception and lie

11. Even herbalist say PEACE UNTO THIS HOUSE!! does this make them Muslims?!! Greeting is not salvation stop getting it twisted.

12. Jesus was circumcised if Muslims ate to obey circumcission where can we find the record of Muhammad circumcission?!! This is another propaganda of Islam, idol worshippers also circumcise their wards, does his make them Muslims?!!

13. Calling his father Eloah and not in anyway same with Allah (though sound similar) and Aramaic was never derived from Arabic but Arabic and sister language Hebrew came from  Aramaic and it is not being spoken by people any longer and almost going into extinction if not gone(Semitic language)
Do share to expose the liar Scott, to promote the truth where lie is prevalent. Thanks
Fsp 2017

Saturday, June 9, 2018


  During the life of Muhammad, Islam plunged into a state where the call to embrace Islam was not only done by persuasion, but by threats and violence. “If you would not convert to Islam by persuasion then with a sword to your throat you will embrace the true religion from allah and only then would your life and properties be saved from me” Muhammad  said (S..B. 2:2:24).

His strategy worked! and with an army ready to kill and be killed behind him (S 9:111), he quickly engulfed his neighbours. As Ibn Kathir said, He (Muhammad) started fighting the Arabians and people entered Islam in large crowds (Tafsir Ibn Kathir, 9:123).

Saturday, June 2, 2018


1. If Jesus had married a six year old girl
2. If Jesus had had sex with a nine year old girl
3. If Jesus had waylaid trade caravans, killed the traders and stolen their wealth
4. If Jesus had married the wife of his adopted son
5. If Jesus had killed a man in the day and had sex with the mans wife on the same night
6. If Jesus had tortured an accountant to know where the wealth of a community is hidden and there after kill the man
7. If Jesus had told his followers to marry only up to four wives but he married more than ten
8. If Jesus had killed anyone for criticizing him
9. If Jesus had married a fifteen years older woman for her money He would be called a gold differ
10. If Jesus had spoken satanic words as God's word and later blame Satan for it

Ok seeing that Jesus is Mr no stain I don't care if you criticize him. He had morals that no human can ever attain.
That is why Christians don't go around butchering people for talking trash about Jesus because history is beautiful.

Dafiaghor Richard