Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Yusuf Adepoju of Acadip encountered a christian Apologist


I will apply imagery here so it will not be boring I will want to make the report in a dialogue format. This is just but a paraphrase of my encounter with ACADIP ustaz Yusuf Adepoju.
Fsp: I want to appreciate the organiser of the debate and even the crowd for coming out for the issue of salvation 

ACADIP: thank you (ummah also say thanks)
Fsp: my WhatsApp friends invited me here to come and ask questions and that is why I am here; to ask questions!!

ACADIP: OK pls go on
Fsp: I want to seek for a privilege I would not l ow if I can be granted

ACADIP: what?!!

Fsp: can I ask the ex pastors some questions?

ACADIP: ask your question

Fsp: thanks, when the ex pastors were giving their short testimonies I heard ex pastor Rasheed ( it suppose to be ex pastor Oluwasina sorry about the mix up) said halel means God and luyal means praise can he come upstage to defend the claimed ...

ACADIP: (...Silent for some seconds...) Ask me your question pls.

Fsp: does that mean the privilege given to me had been cancelled?!

ACADIP: what privilege?

Fsp: you said I can ask them questions the ex pastor

ACADIP: My duty here is to answer ALL questions and because we don't want mix up can you ask me? Tomorrow is their testimony time you van come and ask them tomorrow!!!

Fsp: so let us continue as you don't want me to ask them.... cuts in

ACADIP: on one condition,if you can explain further on the word alleluya I would be glad

Fsp: now it is about condition, if you can call him upstage I will expatiate further and he would have to answer me

ACADIP:....eeem!! Tomorrow you can ask then any question

Fsp: no problem I am not here to argue but to ask since you don't want them to be questioned no problem, I agree with you, let us progress/continue

ACADIP: fine!!

Fsp: I have watched some of your videos on YouTube I often see bible bag on display but on getting here I have not seen it on display

ACADIP: you mean bag containing different bibles

Fsp: containing different English translations of the bible, YES

ACADIP: your question

Fsp: when you were questioning the brother you said every Christian must belief in the bible ( he said yes) and I added every Muslims must be belief in the quran

ACADIP: your question

Fsp: aside Quran what is the acceptable book you belief in where we can find the history about the life of Muhammad?

ACADIP: Quran is the only book which was not written by man  but we also belief in the deen of the prophet called haddith. Some of these deens are doeff/week while few others are authentic/sahih some were close to being authentic, we belief in the authentic haddith, that is human being for you unlike the Quran which is a revelation from God! (- the ummah shouted allahu Akbar!!!)

Fsp: if I get you right you belief in hadith?

ACADIP: Yes, authentic hadith and my belief varied from one hadith to another because it was written by men

Fsp: what is the names of those hadith, d you belief in all of them?!

ACADIP: ( cut in) we have so many!! They are called authentic hadith and some were fabricated while some are close to being authentic, the hadith was collected by human being they are liable to contain human errors

Fsp: where are those authentic hadith on the display?!

ACADIP: they are not available here (I cuts in)

Fsp: not even in your dawah vehicle?

ACADIP : Yes, and besides that is not the topic! (Let us pause and reflect here, since he belief in the hadith but his belief varied because it was written by men we need to ask who wrote Quran? Was it not written also by men? Why not having varied belief in the suras? I would have love also to show him some authentic hadith and he tell us if they are actually acceptable by him and besides who wrote the so called authentic haddith, who inserted the doeff? Muslims scholar called bukhari did 200 years after Muhammad and now Muslims ate calling many of his collections fabricated hadith, we need to ask who fabricated these hadith? And will they throw the authentic hadith that said Muhammad had lice, Muhammad use dirty water with women sanitary pad, dead dogs to do wuddu and lots more sahih/authentic hadith away?? )

Fsp: according to Islam was Jesus a sinner?

ACADIP: a good question according to Islam was Jesus Christ a sinner good ( he translated it in Yoruba and said he would help me to reframe it so it can be meaningful, I said he is embarrassing me by saying my question was not sensible)

Fsp: don't embarrass me pls...

ACADIP: OK, according to Islam Jesus was not a sinner!! But he used to sin

Fsp: give me reference from the QURAN or hadith where it says he used to sin?!

ACADIP: Quran is not like the bible, we don't have record of Jesus going to toilet does that mean he never did? Muslim don't say Jesus was a sinner (The ummah shouted Allahu Akbar, we dragged about the issue and later he agreed that the verse must be read)

Fsp: help me read sura 19 :19 (i ask if he can give me a single verse where Jesus was called a sinner he could not but here in this sura it was evident that Jesus was called a PURE/HOLY son and not a sinner) the ummah began to murmur because I quoted a Quran


fsp: let us continue, was Muhammad a sinner?

ACADIP: Muhammad......Muhammad ( the ummah shouted sallalahu walewasallam) was a prophet like all other prophet they were men they used to sin and Allah used to forgive them because they are not angels...

Fsp: let them read sura 48:2 for me ( the crowd murmur still loudly) That Allah may forgive you your past and future SINS this verse is a problem to Islam that Allah may forgive you... Allah was praying to Allah to forgive Muhammad sin....

ACADIP: what is the next question?
(the crowd began to murmur still and I said tekbir.,some answered and said allahu akbar and now...)

Fsp: the last time you were given your lecture based on The topic exposing the forger you labeled Paul a forger! Pls can you give me a singular verse fro either the Quran or the hadith where Paul was labeled as such?

ACADIP:  never, Quran will now be speaking about Paul, these Yusuf Adepoju, Abdul Hakeem and others are the one who can speak about Paul not alquran. Quran is not the bible

Fsp: can you read sura 36:14 for me? The ummah went wild and were surprised I quoted the verse, while it was been read he stood up and said in Yoruba dialect ebami gbe bagi bibeli wa which mean help me bring bible bag containing different bible translations and it was displayed on a table. I Insisted the verse must be read after he had wasted much time displaying bible translations

ACADIP: He came back and said I should give him the book in my hand because that is where I have been bringing out the questions I refused. And said he is using red herring I asked him to sit down and answer me, he said the verse has been read and he ask him the verse to be read 17 times again but it was read once!! Now I asked.
Fsp: now who are those MESSANGER in sura 36:14 and who sent them and whose tafsir are you using to explain. The ummah mumured again

ACADIP: (he read starting from verse 13 and continued till I cut him with my question who are these messengers what is their names?) They were the messengers of Allah alquran said some MESSANGER name were mentioned while others were not the ummah shouted. Their na!ex were not mentioned

Fsp: give  me the tasfir and tell me the name of the tafsir used in explaining the verse

ACADIP: we don't know it teach us!!!

fsp: I am not here to teach but as a student to ask question that should be addressed bit if you don't want to answer them there is no problem.

ACADIP: you are only here to waste our time, ware you ready to accept the tafsir if we give it to you?

Fsp: you alleged me of wasting your time sure I will accept the tafsir just give me the name of the tafsir

ACADIP: he read the tafsir and mentioned shamoun, yohanna, and BULUS as the MESSANGERs!!
Fsp: who is BULUS?

ACADIP: NONSENSE!! he was infuriated and asked if I quitr agreed with him, and he went on to talk on the possibility of lying to me and will I accept all he said

Fsp: I belief it was BULUS!!! Whose tafsir have you read

ACADIP: NONSENSE!!he went muted.......(These names were the names of Jesus followers sent to Antioch Simon, john and lastly Paul the Arabic name of Paul is BULUS)

Fsp: if I am wasting your time let me get down the stage (the crowd booed asked e to step down because the scholar had no show to offer them!!)

ACADIP: you yourself know you are wasting out time

Fsp: I am not wasting your time because you asked for Christians to come and ask questions which I have come to ask!!

ACADIP: this is hypocrisy, Ok I don't know the answer, another question??
fsp: is Quran eternal or not?

ACADIP : I don't know it, ask another question (The crowd began to murmur still)

Fsp: you said bible was edited, expunged, modified, corrupted,forged and all sorts of negative adjective to qualified our scripture now,has Quran ever been edited!!
The crowd wailed and blocked their ears

ACADIP: I dont know it continue... The crowd cheered in laughter and mockery

Fsp: you don't know it, it seem my presence is irritating you because you are keeping quiet I want to ask follow up questions

ACADIP: you are not asking meaningful questions

Fsp: my question might not be meaningful to you but they are meaningful to me.

ACADIP: if you have to accept my answer that means I can lie and you swallow it

FSP: go ahead and lie, even though I don't have to accept all you have to say! But you can go ahead and lie about the whole thing, crowds are here people are watching live on Internet you can go head and lie!! (-this restored the awareness that he is doing dawah and not takkiya or lying competition ) 

ACADIP: Quran is eternal and not edited because it is uneditiable ( I would not know the meaning)

Fsp: Quran is eternal, ok any ref for this ?!

ACADIP: he went doing irrelevances and playing to the gallery and said he will only allowed me to ask final question 

Fsp: you said QURAN has not been edited what was the first revelation?
ACADIP: sura 96

fsp : if it has not been edited then why is it not in surah 1 who placed it in chapter 96?

ACADIP: he went on to explain miracle of number 19 based on his research and quoted Sura 9:47

Fsp: what is the summary of your answer!? You said sura 96 was the first revelation how did it get to chapter 96 who arranged it in that order?

ACADIP: if yu say Quran had been edited what is he meaning of editing? I kept mute he asked again and the crowd sir I should answer it

Fsp: I don't have to define editing g here before you give answer to my question are we doing English here?

ACADIP: If you cannot explain the meaning then I will allow you to ask one final question
I am aware of his antics of ustaz Adepoju he would try all his best to turn the question over to you! If at all I don't know it offhand At least I have dictionary on my phone immediately I define editing he would still bring up another question and I don't want the table turned I have come to ask. I don't want to give him room for deviance nothing more)

Fsp: the Torah, Injil, zabura, were discussed in the Quran OK! Where are those books are they books of God?

ACADIP: the Torah is the old testament, Injil is the gospel and zabura is psalm it has been corrupted we can't have it any longer.

Fsp: you said they have been corrupted?

ACADIP: YES!! If Allah planned it like that

fsp: can the book of God get corrupted?!

ACADIP: these books have been corrupted!!

Fsp: can you read sura 18:27 for me pls? "... There is no changed of ALLAHS word!" The Quran contradicted ustaz response.

The crowd booed and jeered
Funsho Animashaun (the same guy that said he prefer EPL to debate)came upstage he said he wanted to dialogue he came upstage asking me for dialogue. I was asked to sit down, I said I am here to ask and not to dialogue!! I have lots of questions but I was not allowed to ask but they wanted dialogue this is called hypocrisy!! I came down from the stage and the aftermath is a terrible scenario

Aftermath of the Q&A
I left the stage stood beside the stage I wanted to listen to Funsho but I saw Lekan Zakariya, Oyewale Isiaq,and another guy who asked if I remembered his face I said no! The Muslims began to harass me while some were asking me to dialogue another was asking me to go back to my seat, I refused I am not going to sit down on the chair since I was not allowed to ask other questions I have got. It was a painful scene because I kept the joker questions about Jesus deity, Jesus speaking about  his death as remission, Jesus for the world, the gospel , the Torah and Injil, Muhammad in the former scripture , who are the people of the book, is there errors in the Quran challenge, who founded Christianity Allah or Paul? How did Allah made it appear so, is Jesus live or dead and will he come back for the latter part, what is the fate of apostate according to the Quran and hadith? I could not ask all these because I was cut off midway.

Some of their guys came to me asking me to stop following Evang Isang,that is should become a Muslim I said I follow Jesus according to sura 3:55.the whole place went agog. I insisted I am not sitting down the guy said for my security I should sit down I said if I get killed I am okay!!
The two security men and one of of them hold a powerful gun came to me and escort me out of the arena, as I was walking between them my heart was almost skipping a beat. The crowns were hauling words at me as I leave and that was around 3:00am or thereabout but I got encouraged when one guy who had come to sell stuffs there possible a Christian who was not bold enough to climb the stage said well done sir i encourage you! I was blessed by this last statement I hear and I know I have passed the message across. At the end I heard only one person got converted.
I trekked all the way from Monatan to Iwo road I wanted to branch in a c

I was almost going to the side of the women when I was looking for s place to sit till the security guard ask me where do you think you are going!! The place is reserved for women! Oops o thought I am in Reinhard Bonnke crusade.

While the programme was ongoing they solicited for offering, soap was been advertised I was smiling withing me I saw someone moving round with frankincense/turari!! People are buying!!
The crowd cried foul over empty chair reserved for special people they make sure they overpowered the security and took away the chairs and in the process some chairs got broken and I was almost stampeded it thank God I stood up and ran away from the place of the stampede!,
I see lots of people who had only  come to get entertained no pen no book to write many are using abusive words and worldly  but ungodly slangs wa fe ku laleyi, one zero, and lots of horrible slanderous statement behind the scene it was as if the people had come to watch worldly music jamz. The only thing thing that differentiate was their mode of dressing with hijab, jalamiya, Cap I also have one on my head.

Meanwhile I saw some ladies who dressed to kill with their tight fitting and body revealing clothes. I said wow!! And looked away. I laughed when the brother Mathew climbers upstairs to ask questions but at the end he was manipulated and turned to question bag all in the name of dawah, the guy said he was never a Sunday school attendant, he is not a bible student nor does he attend church regularly!! I wonder what is his church doing about it. Such will become a Muslim. And become vibrant deceiving people into Islam
It was a great experience for me!! I remember when bro Anthony Fawole had an encounter with ACADIP Ustaz in Oshogbo. IT IS AN ENCOUNTER WITH A NIGERIAN MUSLIM SCHOLAR !!

NOTE : The live stream video was pulled down from you-tube but I have the 3gp format of the debate kindly click here to listen to the audio format of our discussion
Beside God there is no Savior but JESUS IS BOTH LORD AND SAVIOR Luke 2:11, Act 4;12, John 14:6, Matthew 11:28. Those who followed Jesus are superior till resurrection sura 3:55
Islam is the way to hell sura 19:71-72, sura 3:185 sahih bukhari vol 1 book 12 number 770
Fsp November, 2017


  1. Please I'm an apologist and I can only see myself in my area. I need some team to work with. In fact the time has come for us to form a team and counter this mess. Please my phone number is 08064738548 and my email is [email protected] I stay in Lagos.

  2. Pls admin i need you to add me to whatsapp group again. I lost my phone last year and since then i was unable to join the group to follow up. Thank you.

  3. Here is my phone number again 08064738548. I cant wait to join the team again. Thank you.

  4. Pls where was d venue? Let's know.

    1. The venue of the programme was at Dissegulf Olodo area in Ibadan

  5. Yes the kouran is the world constitutions

    1. Quran is not the world's constitution it is the constitution of of the selfish Arab man from Saudi Arabia

  6. Most funniest and what defined the writer's hypocrisy in the post is when he expressed his surprised that, "
    I see lots of people who had only come to get entertained no pen no book to write many are using abusive words and worldly but ungodly slangs wa fe ku laleyi, one zero, and lots of horrible slanderous statement behind the scene it was as if the people had come to watch worldly music jamz. The only thing thing that differentiate was their mode of dressing with hijab, jalamiya, Cap I also have one on my head" whereas this is the order of the days in Churches worldwide !
    Moreover, what I expect of you guys to prove your abilities to defend your religion or Bible is to host comparative lectures in your places of worship and been televise live and direct.

    1. All I wrote about the programme was actually what I experienced and this oes not mean I am exonerating demonic gatherings called church in many places today. please if you have the gut to defend your faith kindly contact us and we shall be glad