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Son: read these questions and see how delusional Islam can be

slave: share it let me read

Son: OK it is a QandA about the Islamic dilemma pls read below

*10 Questions to ask about the Torah and the gospel*⁉⁉⁉

*1. Was the Torah and Injil sent by Allah?*

Muslims: yes
Muhammad: yes!!

*2. Are Torah and the gospel words of Allah??*

Muslim : yes
Muhammad: yes

*3. Can the words of Allah be corrupted?*

Muslim: No

Muhammad : no sura 18:27 established it

*4. Were the Torah and the gospel corrupted?*

Muslims: YES of course sura 2:79, Jer 8:8

Muhammad: noooooo!!! ALLAHS book cannot be corrupted Sura 18:27 sura 6:114-115 made it clear

*5. When were these books corrupted?*

Muslims: during the time of Paul!!

Muhammad: it was never corrupted at that time because Allah wrote it with his own hands, sent it down Sura 3:3-4, sura 6:92 then I saw it the Torah and lay my hands on it
*Sunan Abu Dawud 4449* ....Bring me the Torah.......and said " I belief in you and in the one who revealed you..... "

*6. Where is the corrupted Torah and Injil?*

Muslim: lost and forgotten

Muhammad: it is with the Jews and the Christians

Jami at - Tirmidhi 2653   "......the Torah and the gospel are with the Jews and the christians..."

*7. What must they do with the Torah and gospel?*

Muslims: nothing because Quran is with them now

Muhammad: they must judge by it sura 5:43,47, Sura 5:68

*8. What do Muslims need the Torah and gospel for!?*

Muslim: nothing!!

Muhammad: they should use it to clear the doubt of Muslims sura 10:94, they should also show Muslims my name therein sura 7:157, sura 61:6
IT IS ALSO A GUIDE AND MERCY sura 46:12, sura 3:3-4

*9. Is the name AHMAD actually found written in the Torah and the gospel?*

Muslim: YES song of Solomon 5:16, john 1:19-21, john 14:26, john 16:13
Muhammad: yes my shortened name can be found severally in the Torah and the gospel as preserved by Allah watallah!!

*10. But you claimed the books were corrupted ??*

Muslims: *YES OF COURSE*
Muhammad: ah! Ehm! The book is not the corrupted but it is not the present bible that was written by unknown authors and most if it written by Paul the liar and killer!!

But the bible was the book where you quoted to be the fulfillment of AHMAD?!!
Muslim: ehn ehm ehm, you are stupid and jesus is not God but a slave of Allah and you as a christian do not worship like jesus worshipped, don't ask stupid question from me pls!!!

Muhammad: ehm ehm ehm!! Allahu Allam!!!!!

Son: what is it your take?
Slave: ahusubilahi away with your manofiki

Islam is false a sure way to hell sura 3:185, sura 19:71-72 sahih bukhari vol 1 book 12 number 770 *BUT* Jesus is Lord and saviour Luke 2:10-11 the way of life john 14:6 will you come to him mattew 11:27-28?

Jesus is Lord and Savior Luke 2:11, he is the only way to God the father john 14:6

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