Tuesday, April 24, 2018

My encounter with Yusuf Adepoju of ACADIP

I was pestered by my Whatsapp friend - who thought I am an Ibadan based follower of Jesus - to attend the two day lecture organized by ACADIP ( Academy of Islamic Popagation) Nig. I made up my mind to travel down from my place to Ibadan to take the bull by its horns!!
I have seen lots of derogatory words that I am not bold to come, that I will not come , some of Yusuf Adepoju's followers said I was only a copy and paste master and lots more embarrassing posts as if attacking my personality would solve the Islamic dilemma. Even Funsho Animashaun (the guy who turned down the debate he accepted to do with me on Facebook in 2016) said he would like me to have my sit beside him,  I see all these words as enticing words of men.
Actually I was down financially but as God Almighty would have it we get one month paid out of three months salaries the government was owning workers then and I said thank His goodness! After watching the first half of NIGERIA vs ALGERIA in the ongoing nations cup competition I then took out. I made it to the venue right on time.
One of the Ustaz students was delivering lecture by the time I got their, so I moved round to have a sit but I could not find a seat. The crowds were angry that some seats were reserved for people yet they are not around and people are still standing. Eventually they overpowered the security took chairs and I was almost stampeded where I lay on the grass!
The students were given time to dramatize display the skills they have learnt in their Islamic apologetic school. Agunbiade Ibrahim,Johnson Ayomide Abdulazeez, Rasheed came on stage to display their skills

  • Jesus was sent to Israelite
  • Bible was edited while Quran remain editable
  • Five pillars of Islam in the bible
They all made blunders and a terrible one that caught my attention was the one where Saheed Oluomo said Paul forged the Bible and I was happy I will soon  be called up there to put the record straight but my stay on stage was short lived I could not refute these blatant lies or errors!!

some ex pastors were called up stage and they were given privilege to share their stories briefly. And within minutes they all made blunders yet the Ummah (congregation) praised them and went on wild ecstasy while the so called former pastors made terrible biblical errors. LET ME EXPOUND
Former pastor Oluwasina (NOTE: I made mistake while asking the question that it was Rasheed Saheed sorry about the mix up) said Halel means GOD while luya means PRAISE. It was indeed a terrible mistake for this ex pastor and this leaves a doubt on his claim!!!
Ex Pastor Wilson Arnold was charismatic and said Quran recitation gave him comfort, consolation and joy he also said bible never mentioned itself in the bible but he quoted several Quranic verses to show Quran was mentioned in the Quran s if that is the criteria for salvation or for authenticating the truth but I would have asked him to read the Greek bible on Mattew 1:1 where biblios was written or probably ask him for Tawhid in the Quran!! and also ask him for a testimony of such abstract experience of joy experienced while reciting Quran but I was not allowed eventually
Ex Pastor Kola now Ayarturlahi muhammadutofil ( I might not spell it correctly I stand to be corrected please) said Christianity is not a religion but a total business by paraphrasing Luke 2:49. He said he used the name of Jesus to wake three dead bodies. He claimed the Christians use the name of Jesus to wake dead bodies but as a Muslim they use the name of Allah. I would have ask since he began using the name of "Almighty" Allah how many dead has he raised alive?!!
Isaac Ayoola Olukayode now Muhammad Sodiq said he acted like a moron at Bola Odeleke church (he discussed the woman marital issue on stage)
I would have asked him to show me from the scripture where Jesus said we should act like moron if he cannot that mean he was never following Jesus by doing so!! But I was not allowed to scrutinize him.

Ustaz was called upstage and he gave few minute lecture though I was expecting comprehensive lecture on the topic but he only explained the meaning of forgery and came to conclusion that Paul was a forger!! He seek the opinion of the crowd whether he is to continue with the lecture or allowed Q&A the teeming crowd opted for Q&A

I showed interest and I was led to sit on a chair in the front, some people who recognizes me came to greet me and Johnson Abdulazeez Ayomide snapped "one corner pix" with me. Funsho Animashaun came up to me and ask me to come and sir beside him, but I said I am okay where I was sitting. ( distraction might led me to stray off the lecture and I want to avoid this reason for opting out of his kind gesture). An acclaimed ex Prophetess also was recognized I remember watching her video interview with Lucas Bashir .
A guy did come up to me and said are you sure you are a Christian!? I said yes he then question me on the cap and ask have I converted or what? I did I like the cap I bought it last time I went to LUCAS BASHIR'S LECTURE HELD AT BODIJA IN IBADAN many months back. He joked with me and I held my peace as I gave no word in response to him.
Brother Mathew who came first went upstage and he was manipulated as he was turned to question bag. The brother never asked a single question but rather the ustaz was the one questioning him!! The brother said he is not a bible student he does not attend Sunday school yet he was manipulated as he played into the USTAZ hands. He was mesmerized and after much ridicule he was asked to sit aside and I was called upstage after been checked with Garret.
I gave kudos to the organizers and the crowd for coming out to seek salvation.
fsp, November, 2017

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