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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Who Inspired The Collation And Vowelization Of The Nobel Quran?


In fact, it is a Glorious Quran.In a Preserved Tablet. Sura 85:21-22

The noble Quran claimed it was preserved in a Lawhun Mahfuz (eternal tablet) and Muslims want us to belief the Quran is divinely arranged and authored by the Almighty Allah.


The Quran was acclaimed to be a revelation relayed to Muhammad a man who died 632 AD and he claimed it was read to him in seven ahrufs. Uthman a man standardized the Quran into one reading in Quaresh dialect and burnt the other Quranic manuscripts.  Ibn Mujahid a man came hundred of years after Muhammad to chose another seven readings in 936 AD. Al Jazari who was also a man in 1429 AD also came with his team readings several years later. In our recent days, Rashad Khalifa a man who propounded the Mathematical miracle of the Quran expunged two ayas from the Quran to establish his Mathematical miracle. How are all these divine?


The Quran was supposed to be from Almighty infact in one Aya the Quran said it is on Us it's recitation and it's collation or promulgation but in the actual sense the Quran was narrated by Jubril to a man called Muhammad, and Uthman severals years standardized it into one codex and ibn Mujahid a man several years after Uthman chose seven reading he deemed fit... History cannot be deleted the evidences is there for all to see. Everything about the Quran starting from it's begining to it's ending were from MEN mortal like you and I. Why would Muslims say it is from Almigthy God?


who inspired Uthman to standardize the Quran into a codex?

Who inspired Ibn Mujahid to choose seven readings?

Who inspired the man who insert vowels and diacritical mark on the Quran?

Who inspired the arrangement of the Quran in the order we have it today?

Who inspired Rashad Khalifa to expunged sura 9:129-130 out from the noble Quran?

It goes beyond making a challenge it calls for a deep thought and reasoning. Are you are a Muslim? Do you also think the Quran was authored by the Almighty? I yes would you answer these questions or atleast give us reference to where God said I authorized these men to edit, arrange, adjust and expung the Quran in such manner as we have it today. There are lots of story books in our shelves without errors and mistakes does that make it divine?

My friend, you need to reason before you continue to belief in the claim of the noble Quran that it was eternaly secured on a tablet beside Allah'sthrone. A word is enough for the wise. Wake up.


Christians on the contrary never made these bogus claims about our Bible. It was written by over 40 men as they were inspired and today, Bible has changed from papyrus into books and though we don't have the original manuscript but we have copies of copy we can reconstruct the original from how magnificent is this!!


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Thursday, March 18, 2021

The principle of abrogation in the Quran

     In the Quran we have many instances where it was alleged that some verses cancelled or nullified (abrogated) other verses, especially the latter verses. This principle gives room for Islamic manoeuvring, multiple choices, and flexibility in interpreting and applying the Quran. In surah al baqarah ayah 256 (Quran 2:256), the Quran said there is no compulsion in religion. This means that a non-muslim is free to practice his religion without being forced or threatened by Muslims to do otherwise. A Muslim can as well change his Islamic religion without being threatened with death or imprisonment. This verse is very popular especially when Muslim Dawah merchants want to woo non-muslims into Islam as snake oil salemen. This strategy is always employed in a society where Muslims are minorities. 

However, it was alleged, by Islamic scholars (ibn kathir inclusive), that Surah toeba (surah 9, the most violent surah in the Quran) abrogated surah 2:256. What's the implication of this? It means that the conciliatory ayah, at the early stage of Islam when Islam was weak and outnumbered numerically by the kuffar, has changed into a more aggressive and assertive ayah (Quran 9:21-31) designed to subjugate and oppressed non-muslims, especially in a Muslim-majority community. 

For example, a Muslim in the US, UK or Canada will pretend to be peace-loving and will always quote Quran 2:255 and Quran 5:32 to make his point. The unsuspecting kafir will not understand that he had been played by the Islamic dawah merchant. However, a Muslim in either Sudan or Saudi Arabia will hardly quote these verses. Why? They are in the majority and most of them understood the principles of abrogation hence would apply more of Qur'an 5:51, Quran 9:28-31, etc against the kuffar minorities in their midst. This makes Islam a SCAM!

2). *The reclassification of the hadith*

It is not new(s) to most of us that the deeds and the sayings of Mohammed are considered sacred and best examples (to Muslims only) and form a bulk (over 90%) of islamic laws and jurisdiction. The most important hadith in Islam are sahih bukhari and Sahih Muslim. However there is a problem. These hadith (the deeds and sayings of Mohammed as narrated by his close associates, known as his sahabas) has been classified, by modern Islamic scholars as: the fabricates (not fake), the weak (not strong) and the authentic hadith. 

Caveat: all these hadith (fabricated, weak and strong) are in the same books of hadith.

What's the implication of these classification? Like the Quran where we have the abrogated and the latter ayah, the so-called strong and authentic hadith are used in nullifying the so-called weak or fabricated hadith. How's this principle applied?

 Any hadith that speaks evil of Mohammed is considered fabricated hadith. 

Any hadith that is in-between, didn't speak evil of Mohammed but makes a weird and unacceptable claim, is considered weak. 

Any hadith that speaks well of Mohammed and Islam is considered strong. This is a deceptive and evil pattern that Muslims have used in deceiving the world, especially the very ignorant ones. Hence we can conclude that Islam is a SCAM!

3). *The Islamic history according to Tabari*

Just like the Quran and the hadith, Muslims have also perfected their deception in this book. How did they do that? According to Muslims, Tabari, in his preface to his book; the history of Islam, he was alleged to have said/written that some of what he wrote are false or cannot be taken as face value. What's the implication of this statement? Any history he wrote that's damaging to Islam/Mohammed should be rejected and anyone favorable to Islam should be accepted. This means that in the history of Islam (the most earliest historical account on Islam) by Tabari, do not accept all what he wrote. Reject anyone that exposes Islam as a scam. 

Caveat: there is no historian that will tell his readers not to have full trust in their historical account of events. Historians generally ensure that they are as accurate and as trustworthy as possible. However, in Islam, the opposite is true. 

This is one of the reasons I concluded that Islam is an Arabian scam on humanity. 

4). *The seerah rasoollullah*

The seerah rasoollullah is considered as the biography of Mohammed, especially the ones written by Ibn Ishaq (the earliest biography of Mohammed) and Ibn Hisham. Just like Tabari, Muslims also alleged that Ibn Ishaq also, in his preface, advised his readers not to accept all his records about Mohammed because he (ibn Ishaq) could have also made some mistakes in his biogeography of Mohammed. Guys, can you all see that the pattern here is very consistent? What does this tell us? The so-called preface can never be written by any of the three (Tabari, ibn Ishaq and ibn Hisham). These are concocted prefaces by faceless Islamic scholars to deceive Muslims (as usual) to reject even their own books if/when it doesn't follow their utopian scripts. No sane historian, biographer, religious writer will produce a book to remotely deceive their audience either by omission or commission. This deceit, brainwashing, and muddling is only found in Islamic religion which makes Islam generally deceitful and a very dangerous ideology. 

Islam is a SCAM please stay away from it.

Ibn Danny

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Ask Your Ustaz

Episode One

Are we All created from the shoulder of Adam

Do you know Muhammad said Adam was stroke after he was created and every person  that Allah created among  Adam offspring until the day of ressurection fell out his back. Click the link to read

Or check Jami at Tirmidhi Vol. 5, Book 44, Hadith 3076

Adam eyes was opened and he saw Dawood and then Adam asked Allah to subtract forty years out of his own age and add it to Dawood's year of expectancy which was supposed to be sixty years.

Adam denied David the forty years eventually after the angel of death came to take him because he forgot So he was called a sinner and his offspring was also called a sinner


All Adam offspring came from his shoulder not sex same time Adam was created. This contradict sura 25:54

What is the purpose of Eve our great mother from this haddith?

Billions of people stand before Adam and he recognizes them

Adam recongnized Dawood why not Muhammad. Probably Dawood is far better than Qathem

Adam borrowed Dawood forty years out of his life can I borrow life from others is this not *Ajidewe* (rejuvenation) which is a black magic known in Yoruba culture?

Adam denied angel of death and claimed back his forty years

Adam was a sinner because he forgot and his offspring also sinned

Please think about this narration for once and where is the wisdom?

Have you ever asked why you are in the dark concerning such episode from Muhammad. Do you querry why your dawah preachers decided to keep away this from you  even during tawjud and lecture?

This is one of the embarrassing narrations from your Noble prophet. This is a fairy tale and nothing more. You can kick. Tomorrow is another day.


Monday, April 13, 2020

Jubril In Islam Is Lucifer

Jibreel was the suppose angel that brought down the Islamic faith to Muhammad. The same angel that assaulted Muhammad in cave Hira. Muhammadreported that he once saw this angel in the sky, sitting on a Throne.


Sahih Muslim 0304: Jabir b. 'Abdullah al-Ansari who was one of the Companions of the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) reportedThe Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) told about the intermission of revelation and narrated While I was walking I HEARD A VOICE FROM THE SKY, AND RAISING MY HEAD I SAW THE ANGEL WHO HAD COME TO ME IN HIRA', SITTING ON #A_THRONE between heaven and earth I was terror-stricken on that account...


Throne in the spiritual realm signifies divine rulership. Nowhere in Scripture do angels sit on thrones, nor are are they pictured ruling or reigning.

In actual fact, there's only one angel who was ever portrayed in Scripture as sitting on a Throne. Guess who... The falling angel. Lucifer, Satan. 

Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O LUCIFER, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! 13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I WILL EXALT #MY_THRONE ABOVE the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:


So since Muhammad claimed that the angel that assaulted him and brought that the Islamic faith sits on a Throne and the Holy Scriptures tell us that Satan [a falling angel] is the only angel portrayed as sitting on a Throne, then we can conclude that the spirit that brought the Islamic faith was Satan, Lucifer.

What are you waiting for, dump Islam before its too late.

Jake Awey